Yoko Ono Opens Up On Her Inspirations

Yoko Ono opened up about her inspirations in a recent interview with Billboard.

When asked why the sky always inspired her in her art, the 85 year old widow of John Lennon said, “When I was a little girl, I fell in love with the sky because there was nothing else around there probably. Put that aside, when you see a clown slapping his own body, and obviously it is successful because many people laughing about him. But then I see the sky above all that and think how beautiful it is.”

To a question what was the inspiration behind featuring crow, elephant and wolf in several tracks on her 14th album, Warzone, Ono replied, “These animals are very strong. I noticed that many people get animals they can pet and I wanted to show that many animals are very independent of us.”

Ono released her 13 track album on son Sean Lennon‘s Chimera Music imprint back in October.

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