You Truly Will Not BELIEVE The Insane Way This New Emily Blunt Rom-Com Ends!

A few weeks ago, the film Wild Mountain Thyme garnered a wee bit of negative press for having some of the worst fake Irish accents in recent memory. Irish Twitter was particularly merciless over the brogue Emily Blunt was doing in the rom-com’s trailer. Even Jamie Dornan, who actually is Irish, apparently completely fails to capture the regional accent he’s attempting.

That looked like about the most egregious, noteworthy aspect of the film. In all other respects, Wild Mountain Thyme appeared to be a quaint throwback — full of tropes like the country gal who can’t be bothered to run a brush through her hair but looks like a Revlon model anyway, the rich American who comes to town for nefarious business purposes and inexplicably falls in love, the childhood crushes who apparently spend 20 years together unable to see one another as romantic interests… It looks like a Hallmark movie, for crying out loud!

Well, it turns out the film is anything but your typical, hackneyed romantic comedy — at least not by the end.

The premise of the film starts out cheesy enough: Blunt plays a farmer named Rosemary Muldoon, who has lived her entire life next to the farm of handsome neighbor Anthony Reilly, played by Dornan, in a turn about as far from Christian Gray as you could get. He’s sweet and awkward — but he and Rosemary don’t get along because of some childhood squabble. It takes the advances of hunky American Jon Hamm to make the neighbors finally realize they have loved each other all their lives. But there’s still some secret keeping Anthony from asking Rosemary to marry him… It’s all the ingredients for your classic rom-com.

OK, seriously spoiler alert — if you have any interest in watching this bats**t movie, stop reading now, because you cannot UN-hear what we are about to tell you about this movie.

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Are you ready? OK, we warned you.

The secret? The reason Jamie Dornan’s character can’t seem to get out of his own way in order to just tell Emily Blunt he loves her and wants to be with her? HE ISN’T HUMAN! At least, that’s what he believes. He believes he is in fact, not a man, but a honey bee. We are not kidding. That is the twist of this completely insane movie. He thinks he’s a bee. Don’t believe us? Watch!

What in the hell is going on?? Is this real??

Yep. The last few minutes of the movie is Emily convincing Jamie he can still love and marry her despite thinking he’s an insect.

This is really what happens in Wild Mountain Thyme.

If you’re wondering how big name actors could actually have signed on to such a clearly ridiculous project, well, the writer-director is acclaimed playwright John Patrick Shanley. He won an Oscar for writing Moonstruck and also wrote and directed the cult classic Joe Versus The Volcano, which first brought together Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. So maybe everyone just figured the man knows his rom-coms and just went with it??

Anyway, critics aren’t going with it. The film currently holds a not-so-honey-sweet 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. We highly recommend some of the reviews; it turns out this rom-com may in fact be this year’s Cats. In a year where there’s not much we can all agree on, the fact Wild Mountain Thyme is so, so ill-conceived may just be something we can all get behind!

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