23 Women Reveal the *Hottest* Sexts They've Ever Received

For women, sometimes sexting can be, shall I say, the grand finale, the cherry on top, the icing on the cake, and the extra bagel in the baker’s dozen. The words and fantasies really do something for our libidos—especially considering porn isn’t all that realistic and doesn’t necessarily do our lady parts any favors.

Considering 63 percent of you are regularly in the mood once a day according to our Cosmo polls, it goes without saying that you’re probably in the mood to sext. A lot. But because sexting is such an art, it can be… well, awkward if you’re not sure what to say or you’re trying it out with a new partner.

Luckily for you, we pulled some A+ sexting inspiration for you to see first-hand to get your mind movin’ in the right direction. Allow the screenshots to explain for themselves:

1. This guy who wants to control your PTO days

2. This candy man who maybe, sort of, just really likes hearing himself talk (but we stan because it’s actually hot?)

3. The man who wants to tease, and I cannot stress this enough, the f*ck out of you

4. The baller who likes to weird-flex his height (but we’re here for it!)

5. The morning text that is literally so sexy

6. The *perfect* way to sext your fantasy of a doggy-styled position

7. Learn from the dude who is “constantly horny” for your eyeballs

8. The sexy man who loves fantasizing about the mems

9. This guy who knows exactly what women want

10. This dreamboat

11. This guy with a supes hot workday fantasy

12. This guy who knows brevity is a must

13. The guy who is hopefully referring to oral sex, and if so, yes please

14. This guy who understands that the shower is foreplay only

15. The guy we’d all like to marry

16. This woman who knows WHAT IS UP

17. The guy who knows you probably have some concerns about what he’ll do to you in bed and wants to reassure you that he’s thought of basically everything

18. The guy who isn’t sure if he’ll do all the things he mentions in the sext, but just wants to give you a heads up

19. The guy who would like to write a sexy—yet, very serious—novel at some point, but sexting is good for now

20. The guy whose sexts are, well, sexts

21. The guy who is very specific about the way he wants you to masturbate, which is actually, low-key, hot?

22. The guy who goes crazy with the emojis (you need to calm down, mmk?)

23. The guy who has spent a lot of time coming up with a cohesive sex plan and will lay it out for you step by step so there’s no confusion

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