8 Best SodaStreams and water carbonators you can buy in 2022

THE best SodaStreams can give you fizzy water at the push of a button, and they are having a major moment right now.

Not only are SodaStreams and water carbonators great for giving you fantastic cocktails and pub-worthy alcohol-free fizzy drinks, they're also the sustainable choice for anyone looking to reduce waste.

SodaStream is a go-to for its value-for-money Spirit machine: it looks smart, makes tasty sparkling water and includes a CO2 cylinder and bottle – all for under £100. The more expensive Crystal is another favourite for those looking to ditch plastic completely – it uses a glass bottle.

While the SodaStream brand is synonymous with the original delicious sparkling water machine, which could help you save 1300 bottles and cans a year, it's no longer the only name in the game for anyone looking for homemade fizzy drinks or sparkling water.

Swedish brand Aarke is behind a range of stunning stainless steel soda maker machines, which make a statement in the kitchen in a selection of metal and chrome finishes and give you sparkling water at the push of a lever.

You'll also find portable soda syphon machines, which allow you to expertly make cocktails with minimal effort.

In addition to reducing waste, if you're a bottled water or soda fiend, a Soda Stream machine can help you save money in the long run. That's why we've found the best water carbonators, or Soda Streams, around.

We tested: SodaStream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker

  • Soda Stream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker, £75.65 from Amazon – buy here

For tasty sparkling water and an easy-to-use machine that looks good on display – and doesn't cost a fortune – our vote goes to the classic SodaStream Spirit.

Just snap the bottle into the locking mechanism (you'll get a 1-litre bottle with your purchase), and press down for sparkling water (three pumps gives you light carbonation; five is more intense).

This set also includes a 60l CO2 cylinder, and you can easily make a range of non-alcoholic sodas and alcoholic recipes, from cooling sparkling lemonades to Bellinis, in minutes.

When we first tried this out, we pressed the button down for two seconds twice upon first use, but that wasn't enough for properly fizzy water, so we pushed the button down about six times which managed to give us a refreshing level of bubbles.

Compared to your average carbonator, the SodaStream Spirit Machine is really quiet and you can't even hear the CO2 being released when you detach your bottle from the machine.

Our favourite part of testing out SodaStream was definitely the delicious syrups and flavourings that the brand offer online – lemonade and lime genuinely tasted like a lemonade and lime you'd get at the pub.

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We tested: Aarke Carbonator II Water Carbonator

  • Aarke Carbonator II Water Carbonator, £165 from Amazon – buy here

Swedish brand Aarke produces a water carbonator in a stainless steel enclosure – and it comes in an array of metallic and chrome finishes for a striking impact in any kitchen.

As one of the more expensive carbonators around, we decided to try it out to see if it's worth forking out a little more for.

From the smart, ribboned packaging which read "Welcome to your sparkling new lifestyle" to the stainless steel appearance, we were already obsessed when the Aarke Carbonator arrived before we'd even started carbonating.

It comes with a matching sleek bottle, but unfortunately as it doesn't come with CO2 cylinders you have to make sure you order one to come with it – we didn't and had to wait another few days to actually use it.

Once the CO2 cylinder arrived – its compatible with most 60mm cylinders from well-known brands – we followed the instructions in the User Guide to get going.

Our favourite feature of Aarke's carbonator was definitely the posh lever that allows you to control the pressure of the CO2 for a super smooth experience, and there's no splashes when you remove it.

Sparkling water tasted great, as did Aarke's sugar-free essence drops of Elderflower and Lime, Wild Strawberry and Citrus which you add after carbonating, but they're not very sweet, for those of you who like sugary drinks.

In general, this one's definitely for those of you who waste a lot of plastic buying sparkling water as it's much more sustainable, plus it looks amazing in your kitchen as a flashy tool to treat yourself, and your guests.

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