A Massachusetts couple set up opposing ‘his’ and ‘hers’ signs supporting Trump and Biden

  • Across the country, spouses with differing political views are gearing up for the presidential election.
  • A Massachusetts couple set up opposing 'his' and 'hers' signs supporting Trump and Biden. 
  • A group of women were so frustrated with their husbands' decisions' to vote for Trump that they formed a Facebook group called "Wives of the Deplorables."  
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The adage that opposites attract is being put on display this presidential election season, as couples take to their front lawns to voice their differing political views.

A Massachusetts-based married couple made local headlines after pitting competing "his" and "hers" election signs against each other, with Rocky DiRocco's reading "Trump 2020" and Tilda DiRocco's reading "Biden 2020." 

The two told ABC 7 they hope their open willingness to civilly disagree will inspire other married people. But it isn't always easy to avoid make the political personal. 

A majority of people currently using dating apps like Dating.com would never consider dating someone with different political views, according to a recent study. For those who do make the choice to date someone on the opposite side of the political spectrum, tensions can easily arise.

A group of women felt so strongly about their husbands' choice to vote for President Donald Trump, they formed a support group 

The "Wives of the Deplorables" Facebook group formed in 2019 after Carole Catherine found out her husband voted for Trump. 

"I didn't know that he's anti-abortion. I didn't know that he is so emotional about immigration," Catherine told CNN. "Both of us never really fleshed out those issues."

The group now has members all across the United States, all of whom are Democrats married to Republican supporters of Trump. 

Members of the group told CNN the amount of time spent with their husbands as a result of the pandemic, coupled with the looming presidential election, has only made the support group more important. 

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