All the revelations from Phillip Schofield’s new book from devastating weight loss to Fern Britton ‘row’

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Phillip Schofield has had an remarkable career in television, ranging from CBBC's Broom Cupboard, to This Morning, to Dancing On Ice.

In his book, titled Life’s What You Make It, the presenter opens up on his family life, friendship with Holly Willoughby and coming out on national television earlier this year.

In a career spanning nearly 40 years, the presenter also denies rumours that he had a “rift” with his TV wife Holly, branding the claims as torture.

Here, we take a look at Phillip’s most shocking and emotional revelations in the book so far…

Closeness with Holly Willoughby

Phillip opened up on telling Holly Willoughby about his sexuality months before he came out on This Morning, saying her knowing about it brought them ever closer together.

“We were closer than we’d ever been,” he explained.

“Holly knew my truth and was helping me to hold everything together.”

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His wife Steph

In the book Phillip also discussed telling his wife Steph and their two daughters, Ruby and Molly, about his sexuality.

“We talked the whole thing through, there were no secrets, there have never been any secrets,” he explains.

“When I knew, she knew. And it wasn’t like a sudden ping, it was like ‘This is tripping me up’ – initially I didn’t understand.”

Fern Britton 'row'

Phillip also discusses his so-called “feud” with Fern Britton in the book, who he hosted This Morning with until 2009.

The presenter addressed her decision to leave the show, saying he was “stunned” that she accused him of “meddling” in the show’s content.

"I walked back into the makeup room and calmly said, 'Please don't do that to me again,'" he writes.

"I think, for whatever reason, that was the point Fern decided she didn't want to do This Morning any more."

He also said that Fern texted his wife Steph when he came out, writing: “When I came out, she didn't text me.

"She did text Steph though, which was really kind."

His brave decision to talk about his sexuality

Phillip also opened up on his decision to come out on national television back in February, saying he called in sick during the height of his turmoil.

He revealed that he was on his way to the show one day when he asked his driver to turn around and drive him home while he texted producers to say he wasn’t coming in and then turned off his phone.

He explains in his book: "It was the first time my issues had spilled over into work. Another day I had to leave a fashion item to be sick. I now knew that I needed professional help.”

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Weight loss

Phillip emotionally revealed that he lost a worrying amount of weight throughout his decision to tell the world about his sexuality, adding that he “sobbed quietly in the dark” over Christmas and New Year’s and refused to eat.

Phillip wrote: "My weight dropped, and as it hit 9st 12lbs the This Morning viewers started to notice.

"I was getting tweets from people asking if I was ill."

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