Angelina Jolie Playing ‘Games’ & Not Looking Out For Family’s ‘Best Interest’ Despite Lawyer Swap

Angelina Jolie just parted ways with her divorce lawyer and teamed up with another one but her actions may be doing more harm than good when it comes to her children’s best interests.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s divorce and custody battle has been pretty messy over the past few weeks and now that the actress has admitted to switching divorce lawyers in a statement, her actions are becoming questionable, especially among Brad’s friends. “Angie changes strategies more often than lawyers… it’s sad that her team continues to play these games instead of truly looking out for the family’s interests,” a source close to Brad EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.

Angelina has seemed determined to state her case and get what she feels she needs from her ex ever since she put in a new filing that claims Brad is not paying adequate child support for their six children. Her intense approach to their divorce has been controversial to say the least but those closest to her say she really is doing what she feels is best for her kids and merely changed her lawyer from Laura Wasser to Samantha Bley Dejean because she trusts in Samantha more. “It is not true, that Angie is playing games,” a source close to Angelina EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Over the past month, she has come to rely on Samantha’s counsel and for that reason Angie has decided she should take the lead. Samantha’s expertise, is protection of children and best interest and that is why Angie has made the move.”

Spokesperson for Angelina, Mindy Nyby, also released an official statement that put the mom-of-six’s actions in a good light. “Angelina decided to change counsel to Samantha Bley DeJean of Bley and Bley, as Samantha’s expertise is the protection and best interests of children,” the statement read. “Angelina appreciates Laura’s cooperation in transitioning the case over the past several weeks.”

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