Apple Offers iCloud Subscribers Serious Storage For 2 Months

Free storage is something that many people want and need because they tend to use up all of their internal storage rather quickly. This is why they often invest in the cloud. It’s off-site storage that can essentially be accessed from anywhere.

Apple has got the service, it’s known as iCloud and there’s a promotion going on that will allow people to get 200GB of free space for two months. The feature is for subscribers but according to TheVerge, it’s only going to run them a tiny $2.99 a month.

There is, in fact, a catch though, it’s only for people who have not signed up for iCloud yet and they need to be a United States customer. This means that most people using Apple devices can’t take advantage of this cool feature.

While the storage amount might be high, you’ll never really use it all, at least if you are an average user. This is just giving you more than you need so that you think it’s a good deal. In fact, it’s not uncommon for companies to do this, Google apparently has an unlimited storage data system that you can buy and pay for by the month, although it’s a little more pricey.


That said, Apple is giving the customer a pretty good bang for their buck. At just $2.99 per month, someone can get a large amount of storage that they will never fully use. This means that it’s great for people who tend to do a lot of recording or photo taking on their phones.

One thing that many people might dislike is the fact that it’s only for users who are new. So, it’s clear that Apple is targeting people who don’t really use their service which means even fewer people are going to be able to take part in this opportunity.

It’s kind of sad but a reality, Apple doesn’t want to give it to everyone because then it turns into the norm. It basically just comes off as a way of getting new people to join the world of Apple.

Earlier this year, Apple introduced a free month of iCloud services on the 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB to new subscribers of the service. On top of that, Apple even gives 5GB free to new users, which kind of defeats the purpose of buying more storage unless absolutely needed.


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