‘The Bachelorette’: Becca Dumps [Spoiler] In Devastating Finale Breakup

That was heartbreaking. While Becca Kufrin said yes to one finalist, she had to say no to another. She breaks [Spoiler]’s heart in the Maldives, and there were tears. Lots of them. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Becca Kufrin, 28, dumps Blake Horstmann, 28, on The Bachelorette finale, and it wasn’t easy to watch. Both Becca and Blake loved each other, but her feelings for Garrett Yrigoyen, 29, were stronger in the end. Becca admitted that she felt like a “monster” before breaking up with Blake. “He’s going to feel so blindsided, and it makes me feel so terrible,” she said. Blake truly was caught off guard. He thought he was going to propose and spend the rest of his life with Becca. “I truly think we have such an incredible future together,” he said before Becca broke his heart.

“Will you let me spend the rest of my life making you smile?” Blake asked. That’s when Becca stopped his speech. She confessed that was a part of her that wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Garrett. “I didn’t expect this,” he told Becca. “I think you’re making a mistake.” He took it like such a man. Becca walked with him before saying her final goodbye. Blake cried and told her that he loved her one more time before he left. Once he was away from Becca, Blake couldn’t stop crying. Neither could Becca. They later came face-to-face on the After the Final Rose special.

Becca and Blake actually met before The Bachelorette even started filming. During the After the Final Rose special in March 2018, Blake showed up on horseback and told Becca, “I want you to know how incredibly brave I think it is you’re standing here right now. I really respect that, a lot, and I really mean that.” He made one hell of an impression that night!

Throughout the season, Becca and Blake forged a great relationship. They really did fall in love with each other. Blake was open about how he felt about Becca and professed his love for her before the overnight dates. “With Blake, I just feel so 100% myself, and it’s so effortless with him,” Becca said during an episode. “After my first date with Blake, I started to see a future with him. There’s just something about him and the way that he makes me feel that I can’t even describe. I am in love with Blake, and I can’t imagine not having Blake in my life.” But she also fell for Garrett, who she ended up choosing. Blake’s a great guy, so maybe he’ll get a second chance at love on another Bachelor Nation show. Perhaps The Bachelor?

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