Bella Thorne Rocks Vintage Look In Steamy Selfies

Bella Thorne is rocking a very vintage look in her latest set of steamy selfies.

We all know that Thorne is no stranger to bearing it all for the camera. The singer slash actress slash director is also no stranger to wearing all manner of costume for the role. This time she seems to have strapped herself into some very old-school lingerie. Only question is: what for?

Let’s start with what we know. These shots are all from Thorne’s Snapchat and Instagram accounts, which doesn’t really tell us much since this woman is the social media starlet to end all social media starlets. On top of that, the background definitely screams dressing room, so this is likely for a show of some kind and not another directorial role.

It's a vintage Christmas ?

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Now the attire, or lack thereof. This is definitely some vintage lingerie wear, as the bra and panties all have enough straps attached to every inch to give a BDSM madame an aneurysm. Then there’s the frilly bits, a surefire sign that whatever this is for it’s going to be dated well before the 1980s, and probably into the 60s.

But the surefire sign that this is a role is the makeup and hair. Bella has gone from festive to fiery red with her curls, and the pink lipstick, nail polish, and eyeshadow just screams vintage class. About the only thing breaking the illusion is the smartphone she takes her mirror selfies with.

We’ll just have to wait and see what this latest project of Bella’s turns out to be.

In the meantime, Bella has most recently added directing to her resume. Those steamy Christmas selfies were more than just fodder for her near 17-million Instagram followers; they were actually pics from her cameo appearance in her boyfriend’s music video.

That’s cameo appearance because she certainly didn’t star in the video. She actually directed, with big Christmas Carol font letters lettering the world know. The Christmas theme continued with the video being a weed-fueled party to ring in the holidays, with Mod Sun taking center stage. See if you can spot Bella in the video below.

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