British mum's 'gentle parenting' TikTok mocked by Whoopi Goldberg

British mother accuses Whoopi Goldberg of ‘patronising’ her on US talkshow The View – after the star played her viral TikTok video about ‘gentle parenting’ and laughed at her ‘unrealistic’ methods

  • Kelly Enos, 31, from York, makes TikTok videos about ‘gentle parenting’ 
  • She was stunned when a clip appeared on US daytime talkshow The View
  • During the segment, host Whoopi Goldberg ridiculed Kelly and laughed at her
  • Now Kelly says she wants to appear on the show in person to discuss parenting

A British mother was stunned when she realised her parenting style had been slammed by Whoopi Goldberg after the presenter’s US show used a video she’d posted online.

Kelly Enos, 31, was shocked when her TikTok clip appeared as a segment on The View, an American chat programme which is hosted by the Sister Act star. 

During the show, the US acting legend ridiculed business owner Kelly, who is mum to George, two, for her soft approach to parenting, which focuses on compassion and boundaries.

The controversial video, which went viral, sees the mum saying: ‘How many of you are sick to death of disciplining your child with these words?

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Kelly Enos, 31, from York (pictured here with her son George) regularly makes videos about parenting, and favours a ‘gentle parenting’ approach

She was surprised to hear from a follower that one of her videos had been featured on daytime talk show The View, then shocked to see host Whoopi Goldberg mocking her

Whoopi Goldberg, who is one of the programme’s hosts, could not stop laughing at Kelly’s advice, which included speaking to your children instead of shouting at them

‘No, get down. You could try things like this, “Feet on the floor please”. It just makes a more positive spin on getting down.

‘Either you can put your feet on the floor or Mummy can help you, which one would you like?’

But US actor and presenter Whoopi laid into Kelly, making it clear she was not a fan of her parenting style.

Business owner Kelly said: ‘When I first realised I’d featured on Whoopi’s show I was really happy because I thought, “This is great for gentle parenting”, because it was finally being spoken about.

Kelly (pictured with son George) says she was completely unaware her video was to be used on The View, and she found out it had been featured from a viewer

Now the mum says she has reached out the The View, and asked if she can have a discussion with them about her viral video, but has not yet heard back

‘But, I pressed play and I was greeted with Whoopi Goldberg patronising and laughing at me.

‘The panel poo-pooed gentle parenting. I was disappointed as I thought at least one of them would have seen where I was coming from.

‘As soon as Whoopi set the tone, the rest of them, like sheep, followed suit. 

 Kelly has pointed out that her videos on gentle parenting are not a critique to other parents, but are simply there to show them that there are different styles of raising children

‘It’s a very touchy subject as older parents who didn’t know what gentle parenting was get defensive and say ‘I didn’t do anything wrong’ or ‘my child is completely fine’.

‘It’s not to critique those parents it’s just to say there’s another way. I still discipline my child and I tell him no.

‘Shouting and saying no can be very powerful. With my style it’s even more effective because I don’t yell all the time.

What exactly is gentle parenting?

Gentle parenting is an evidence-based approach to raising happy, confident children.  

This parenting style is composed of four main elements: empathy, respect, understanding, and boundaries.

Gentle parenting focuses on fostering the qualities you want in your child by being compassionate and enforcing consistent boundaries. 

Unlike some more lenient parenting methods, gentle parenting also encourages discipline, but in an age-appropriate way. 

Discipline methods focus on teaching valuable life lessons rather than focusing on punishments.

Those who practice gentle parenting encourage working together as a family to teach their children to express their feelings, but in a socially acceptable, age-appropriate manner. 

Gentle parenting is viewed as a beneficial method for raising happy, independent, and confident children.

Source: Very Well Family 

‘So, if I shout or say no it means it’s urgent or an emergency and he takes it seriously.

‘One of the presenters claimed she didn’t have time for gentle parenting but continued to list wonderful things her child does such as sit in its own urine and chuck water out of the bath.

‘Perhaps her parenting style isn’t working, so why not try gentle parenting?’

Whoopi can be seen in fits of laughter as she starts the segment by saying: ‘A mom on TikTok is going viral because she’s making the case for so-called gentle parenting, where you go beyond just saying no to your child.’ 

The US star, who was suspended from the The View for two weeks earlier this year for saying the Holocaust wasn’t about race, continues to roast the creator by saying: ‘Honestly. Is that really a realistic approach when your children are acting up?’

Kelly was completely unaware her video was to be used on the show and says she would love to join the Whoopi on the show and discuss parenting styles.

She added: ‘I had no idea it was going to be used, they just took it from my social media.

‘A follower commented on my video saying I had been on The View and sent me a link.

‘I have another gentle parenting friend who is based in the US and she said it’s a very toxic show.

‘They use controversial topics that pander to their audience to get views.

‘I reached out to them and offered to do a zoom call but I haven’t heard anything back yet.’

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