Cardi B & Offset: He Has ‘High Hopes’ She’ll Be Back In His Arms When She Returns From Overseas Trip

Cardi B has been living it up in New Zealand, but Offset has his fingers crossed she’ll come home to him once she returns, HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY learned.

Even hip-hop elite get heartbroken. After his Dec. 4 split with Cardi B, 26, Offset, 27, is holding out hope that they will be A-ok once she gets back from vacation. A source close to the rapper EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that he wants his lady back by his side! “Offset has very high hopes that Cardi will be back in his arms when she gets home from her trip. That is all he wants and he has been doing every possible thing to make it happen,” the source said. “Even though nothing is a done deal, Cardi has given him a lot of reasons to believe that he’ll be able to fix things,” they added.

Cardi has been living it up in beautiful Australia and New Zealand, but she revealed in a Jan. 4 Instagram post that she is ready to return home, so only time will tell how things play out for the couple! The insider went on to say that for Offset, things do look positive. “Right now, Offset is looking for every positive sign from her, even the fact that she has been wearing the necklace he gave her for her birthday so much while she’s been away is something he is taking as a sign to him that she still loves him and that she will eventually forgive him,” they explained. HollywoodLife has reached out to a rep of Offset for comment.

Cardi is definitely still living her best life amid the breakup though, and it looked like she had a BLAST on her trip! The “Money” rapper shared a ton of photos from her global trek, and one picture in particular said it all. Cardi shared a pic of herself standing on a stunning black sand beach, with her arms wide open. “Live life little bitch…Black sand beach,” she wrote in the caption. She went on to express her love for both Australia and New Zealand in a follow-up post. “AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 NEW ZEALAND 🇳🇿 ITS BEEN BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I’m happy I’m going home but I’m also sad :/!!!THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING,” she wrote. Nothing is slowing Cardi down!

The good news is, things are looking up for Offset. His ex was seen wearing the jewels he gifted her for Christmas on Instagram during her overseas trip! Plus, she made a big display of her presents when she first received them, and showed them off all day long on Dec. 26 to her followers.

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