Casper Nap Pillows Will Let You Snooze Wherever, Whenever & I Need, Like, 20 Of Them

When 3 p.m. rears its ugly head, and your eyes start to feel weighed down by adult responsibilities, where do you find relief from the utter exhaustion that is a classic afternoon slump? Maybe you throw common courtesy out the window and pour yourself half the pot of coffee in the communal kitchen (me), or better yet, slink into your car, throw on a pair of tinted sunnies and snooze, uncomfortably, upright, in the driver’s seat. The bad news is, the afternoon slump is inevitable; the good news is that mattress brand Casper has launched a line of nap pillows that are literally the size of a guinea pig, so you can stash one in your desk and bring it out for some much-needed shut-eye when no one’s looking.

Granted, I know you can’t technically make up for the hours of sleep you lost because you were caught in the middle of a Netflix binge (sorry not sorry), but still, there are plenty of health benefits that napping can provide you with that make investing in a nap pillow, designed for the napper novices and frequenters alike, well worth the splurge. I’m not making this up, either: According to the National Sleep Foundation (which, BTW, is pretty much as official as it gets), naps can improve alertness, performance in the workplace, and above all else, naps can make you so, so happy. Don’t you want to be happy? Don’t you want to make your boss happy? Basically, naps have the potential to make you happier and way less stressed, which means Casper’s nap pillows aren’t just home decor; they’re the answer to everything you want in life.

The Casper Nap Pillow is designed to help you take comfortable, effective naps wherever, whenever you want.


By now the Nap Pillow is probably sitting pretty in your digital shopping cart, patiently waiting for you to confirm shipping details and enter your credit card information. But, before you invest in this little guy, you want to make sure you’ll actually use it, you feel me? I know myself, and I always consider a purchase before I make one, but guys, this pillow is not only dreamy, it’s dream-inducing, travel-friendly, and it sure as heck sounds beyond comfortable. So what are you waiting for?

Maybe you’re not the type of person to set up camp in an empty conference room for a quick snooze, and that’s totally fine; TBH, I’m not either. But if you’re a frequent traveler, you know for a fact those cheap material squares airlines call pillows on hours-long flights can hardly be described as comfortable. Now, with your handy-dandy Casper Nap Pillow, you can nap in comfort and wake up feeling refreshed after a flight. What a foreign concept, right?

Casper co-founder and chief operating officer, Neil Parikh, told TechCrunch that the main focus of the nap pillow is going to be for you to sneak in extra sleep wherever and whenever you need, be it on "trains, buses, airplanes, the subway, the beach," or, on those rare, emergency occasions, your work desk. Hey, you never know, right? Think of it this way: Better safe than sorry, better snoozin’ than dealing with exhaustion. In other words, life’s short — buy the pillow, girl.

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