Cost of petrol pumps should be slashed by 6p a litre, motoring groups demand

PETROL pump prices should be cut by up to 6p a litre, motoring groups say.

And drivers are facing a postcode lottery — with fuel costs at the same supermarket chain varying by up to 13p a litre across the UK, the AA has claimed.

It says the “lottery” is costing up to £7 extra a tank and wants greater transparency over prices.

AA bosses want petrol to be 3p a litre cheaper, while rivals the RAC think the cut should be up to 6p.

Pump prices are linked to the cost of crude oil, which has risen again recently.

But costs dropped before Christmas and the fall was largely unseen at pumps.

The average price of a litre of petrol is now £1.45 — which motoring groups and The Sun’s Keep it Down campaign want cut.

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The RAC’s Simon Williams said: “While oil prices have risen in recent weeks, retailers overinflated prices by taking 10p more margin at the end of last year so petrol is still too expensive.”

The AA pointed out that supermarket petrol is just 135.9p a litre in Northern Ireland, where a public body monitors pump prices.

Spokesman Luke Bosdet, asked: “Is it a coincidence pump prices are considerably lower where there is an active official consumer watchdog monitoring them?

“In the rest of the UK the Government and the competition authorities failed to give drivers that help.”

He said price transparency in countries such as Austria led to huge savings.

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