Couple build luxury £150,000 seven-bed treehouse during lockdown

A treehouse that’s not just for kids! Couple build luxury cabin in their back garden during lockdown for £150,000 – and it comes complete with a brass bath, hot tub and hammock

  • Carpenter John and interior designer Laura Lewis spent six months in lockdown building the luxury treehouse
  • Cost the couple £150,000 from scratch and then now plan to rent house in Powys, Wales out for £240 a night 
  • It comes complete with a hot tub, hammock and enough room to sleep seven, as well as a steel slide for kids

A couple have share incredible pictures of  a luxury treehouse they built in their back garden during lockdown – which comes complete with a hot tub, hammock and enough room to sleep seven.

Carpenter John and interior designer Laura Lewis spent just six months constructing the impressive home, which they have dubbed Prince Llywelyn after the last sovereign Prince of Wales, on their 70-acre family farm in Powys, mid Wales.

It cost the couple £150,000 to create the cabin from scratch, and they now plan to rent it out from £240 a night.

The home, situated on a majestic old tree on the family’s land, is around 56 square metres and 13 metres off the floor, and is the third treehouse the couple have created together. 

Carpenter John and Laura Lewis spent just six months constructing the impressive home, dubbed Prince Llywelyn, on their 70-acre family farm in Powys, Wales (pictured)

A look at the treehouse’s cosy lounge area with velvet sofas, snug carpets and rustic bed frame. In total, the house is 56 sq. metres

The tree house as seen from outside. It is made entirely out of wood, except for the tiled rooftop. The couple started the build in May 2020 and finished in October 

While a treehouse sounds like a rustic affair, the interiors of the cabin have luxury fixings, like this golden bathtub, perfect for some pampering time 

The foundations of the treehouse are constructed from large steel frames which are built over the tree roots, with the decking, joists and floorboards added next.

When the home, which was completed in October 2020, had a sound base, the couple’s team could then start adding the structure – such as walls, upstairs floor, and roof.

Inside, the treehouse has a modern kitchen diner and it looks out to picturesque views of the countryside, including the local Radnor Forest.

The structure is mainly made of wood, but soft textures and fabrics have been added to the interior design to create a more homely feel.

The kitchen and dining area in the treehouse, which opens to a terrace. The couple said it cost them around £150,000 to build the luxury tree house 

John and Laura built the house while juggling looking after the children during lockdown. The house is built 13 metres off the floor (pictured during its construction)

The couple built the luxury treehouse in their back garden over six months during lockdown. Up to seven people can sleep in it thanks to its bunk beds (pictured)

Laura and John, pictured, have built three treehouses in total on their 70-acre farm and plan to rent them to guests when Covid-19 restrictions ease 

The house comes with a ‘only the brave’ hammock, which is being tested by a guest, pictured, and can accommodate two extra guests 

One of the most impressive parts of the treehouse is the floor-suspended hammock, dubbed as being ‘only for the brave’ by the couple, who had no professional help building the home. 

John said: ‘From start to finish it took us six months – our quickest build yet! This was despite delays from suppliers due to Covid. 

‘Materials which would usually take two weeks to order, we had to wait eight weeks or more. There were also huge delays with the glass, and we couldn’t do any internal work until that was in.

‘We started the build in May 2020 so it was Spring and we had lovely weather, so we were lucky with that. 

‘We completed in October 2020 and we’re pretty pleased with that result. It cost us around £150,000 to build from scratch. Now we just can’t wait to welcome guests.’

There is a hot tub and outdoor lighting on the terrace of the treehouse, which comes with an outdoor shower to cool off after a dip

A guest relaxing in the tub after six months of hard work spent building the house. The couple said the treehouse was their quickest built yet in spite of supplier delays due to Covid-19

Another view of the tree house with its wooden terrace, wooden pillar and roof. It is the third treehouse the couple have built on their land, and they plan to rent it out to guests

The house’s foundation are made of steel, left, to make sure they could sustain its weight, but most of the house was made out of wood 

The two-bedroom property also has a  hammock that can sleep two extra ‘brave’ guests, while there’s a child-friendly 14ft stainless steel slide attached to the outer decking. 

Laura is the interior designer of the treehouse and revealed her favourite feature of the new property is the freestanding brass bath.

She said: ‘I was adamant I wanted a “wow” bath for the new treehouse. I searched all over the internet for the perfect one. I didn’t really know what I was looking for to be honest – but just knew when I found it and fell in love.’

She explained that the latest treehouse is built over a tiny stream, which you can see as you lie back in the bath. ‘It looks like a little waterfall.’  

‘The “only the brave” hammock is an epic feature and definitely a selling point – it’s the perfect Instagrammable shot for guests.’  

A look at the dining-room’s room, which was made out of different colourful planks of woods. The ceiling of the dining area is almost made out of wood 

The top floor of the tree house, which comes with a luxury wooden bed frame and several sofa for a tranquil evening. The accommodation also offers plenty of light 

The tree house is full of charming details, including an alcove for quiet meditation by the terrace, left, and a slide for children, right 

The house took only six months to build but required copious amount of work, using tee trunks (left and right) to support its windowsills (pictured right: John on the upper windowsill)

Up to seven people can sleep in the treehouse. On the lower level, a small room with bunk beds has its own door that opens to the terrace

The master bedroom in the treehouse, which doubles as a lounge for quiet evenings. Laura explained the house was build over a small stream that is visible from the house

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