Curvy model slams troll who said she would be ‘much prettier’ if she lost weight

A curvy model has opened up about the cruel remark she received from a troll regarding her weight – and has slammed them with a brutal response.

May Ridts boasts 137,000 TikTok followers and often wows them with her fun loving style and gorgeous figure.

But, despite the brunette beauty oozing confidence in her clips – she has recently revealed a nasty comment she received from a troll urging her to shed some pounds.

Luckily, the savage comment has not got to the stunning model.

She has now defied them as she rocked a crop top that showcased her relaxed belly in all its glory.

In a clip that has now racked up 2.3million views, May wore her long locks down and plaited the front of her hair which accentuated her facial features.

The tanned beauty donned a tiered seashell necklace and some matching bracelets as she sported a natural glowy makeup look.

May decided to embrace her curves in a crochet crop top which revealed her busty chest and tum.

She finished the beach themed look with a matching crochet maxi skirt which perfectly showcased her figure.

The model perched herself on the bed as she shared the nasty comment, May exposed what the troll said.

On the screen, she wrote: “You would look so much prettier if you just lost some weight.”

May then lip synched to an audio clip, she mouthed: “Maybe if we wait just a little bit longer, a f*** will fall into my hand and I can give it to you.”

She then cheekily stuck up her middle finger in defiance to the troll.

The curvy babe continued to bash the idea that women should lose weight to appear more attractive, she wrote in the caption: “The only beauty standards you should follow are your own and that's exactly what I’m doing.

“Finally not trying to lose weight to feel pretty, just living my life and accepting my body through it. You should try it some time.”

In awe with May, many people fled to the comments to compliment her and hit out at the troll.

One person commented: “You’re honestly stunning!!! One of the prettiest girls ever and you seem so so nice!”

Another user added: “You are so beautiful.”

Whilst a third person said: “I think you’re gorgeous, people can be so mean – ignore them!!”

Someone else voiced: “Me having the same body type, you gave me so much confidence, You are more than perfect body/face/inner beauty.”

And, a fifth person expressed: “Don’t listen to anyone. You are beautiful and stunning in every way.”

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