Daily horoscope for October 7: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Wednesday’s horoscope is heavily influenced by both Mercury and Uranus. Astrologers anticipate this planetary pair to have some surprises in store up their sleeves.

Messenger planet Mercury in star sign Scorpio is an aspect associated with the uncovering of secrets.

And this position is considered all the more potent at this time.

This is because there is some real intrigue unearthed by Mercury this Wednesday which is thought capable of creating unexpected drama.

You most likely have Uranus in Taurus to thank for this.

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Why not ask yourself how attached are you to your thoughts at this time?

Many may be surprised to learn what is going on now.

Mischievous Uranus loves nothing more than to liven things up a little.

And at this point in time, the planet has the intellect in its crosshairs.

Today’s Opposition between Uranus in Taurus and thinking planet Mercury may create mind games.

An Opposition is thought to occur when cosmic bodies are positioned directly across from each other.

The best solution is to use some lateral thinking to snap you out of whatever train of thought you are on.

Uranus loves to shake you up and it is almost certain to supply some fascinating news.

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Maybe you intended to say something else, but the cat is probably now out of the bag.

So in summary, there is a strong chance of being unable to control what is communicated right now.

The other important astrological event to happen today is a Square between the Gemini Moon and Neptune.

Squares are commonly considered to be aspects able to reveal any obstacles and issues.

Experts expect there is considerable confusion about what is taking place, and the Sun is also there.

As a result, whatever has been learned is enough to get you on the right path – for the time being.

At least, this is as long as you avoid getting too attached to any particular idea.

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