Dentist reveals what avoiding appointments can do to your teeth

Dentist who’s fixed some of the UK’s WORST teeth reveals what avoiding appointments can do to your smile – but insists even the most decayed mouth can be repaired

  • EXCLUSIVE: Dr Bill Schaeffer has revealed dramatic cases on World Smile Day
  • Dentist specialises in implants and treating dental phobias
  • One man had avoided the dentist for decades due to bad experience as a child
  • Woman had to have all her teeth removed due to damage from smoking 20 a day

Shocking images of people who avoid the dentist have revealed just how horrific the damage can be when periodontal disease takes hold. 

However, even the worst of smiles can be fixed, no matter how bad the damage is or how many years it’s been since you sat in the dentist’s chair.  

To coincide with World Smile Day, dentist Dr Bill Schaeffer has revealed some of the most extreme cases he’s treated, to encourage people not to put off visiting a dentist because of embarrassment.

One patient hadn’t been to the dentist in decades because he’d developed a phobia after a bad childhood experience while another had developed advanced periodontal disease from smoking 20 cigarettes a day. 

Using a combination of techniques including whitening and dental implants Dr Bill has restored some of the UK’s worst teeth. 

‘Making stained and discoloured teeth whiter is a great way to improve a tired smile,’ he explained. ‘Sometimes this will be achieved by using whitening from the dentist, but even a scale and polish from the hygienist can often refresh a tired set of teeth.

‘For teeth that can’t be made lighter by whitening, the dentist can improve the teeth with veneers or crowns, and for crooked teeth, orthodontics can transform that snaggle-tooth smile into a beautiful set of straight pearly-whites.’

Dentist Dr Bill Schaeffer has revealed some of the most extreme cases he’s treated, including Kevin (pictured) who avoided the dentist for decades


Kevin had a negative experience as a child with dental treatment leaving him with a severe phobia. Because of this he couldn’t remember the last time he had seen a dentist. 

He came to Dr Bill, who co-founded The Dental Implant Centre based in Hove & Haywards Heath, suffering advanced, an inflammatory condition that affects the soft and hard structures that support the teeth.

‘In its early stage, called gingivitis, the gums become swollen and red due to inflammation, which is the body’s natural response to the presence of harmful bacteria,’ implant surgeon Dr Bill explained. 

‘However, Kevin’s Periodontal disease was so severe his teeth had become loose and mobile, they were covered with plaque, The smell coming from his mouth was awful and it was causing Kevin huge amounts of pain.’

Kevin had the infected teeth removed under sedation to make him more at ease, given his phobia, and spent six months recovering before having implants placed in the upper and lower jaw. 

‘He no longer has pain, a bad taste and awful smell coming from his mouth and is finally able to smile again without being embarrassed,’ Dr Bill said.

Before: Kevin had a bad experience with the dentist as a child and avoided going back for several decades. After: Kevin had infected teeth removed under sedation and implants inserted to replace them (right)


Sian had a dental phobia due to her father losing his teeth at a young age, and was also smoking 20 cigarettes a day while battling stress in her personal life. 

‘This had caused an advanced level of destruction in her mouth and the only option left was to remove all of her teeth and replace with implants,’ Dr Bill explained.  

‘For treatments to be successful Sian had to stop smoking and we also helped her manage this during her treatment.’ 

Sian’s teeth were rotting because she avoided the dentist and smoked 20 cigarettes a day to combat stress. Right: After having her rotten teeth removed she also gave up smoking to maintain her new smile 


After a traumatic experience as a child, Matt had been neglecting his teeth for more than 20 years. 

‘He was wearing a denture for his upper teeth and this was making him feel self-conscious and he didn’t like having to take his teeth out at night,’ Dr Bill explained.

‘He also started feeling his lower teeth were becoming loose and he was really worried about the prospects of losing more teeth.’

Anxious to get his confidence back and be able to eat the foods he was missing out on, he had all his teeth removed and had temporary dentures while his mouth healed.

After having permanent implants fitted, ‘he has the smile he wanted that he can eat all the foods he wasn’t able to eat for the past 10 years’.

Before: Matt neglected his teeth for more than 20 years and was wearing a denture for his upper teeth. After: Following treatment, Matt was able to enjoy all his favourite foods again after previously struggling to eat  


The musician had lost a number of his back teeth over five years, while others were coming loose and affecting his speech and ability to chew.  

‘Peter is a talented musician who plays the saxophone and his loose teeth was making this difficult which was incredibly upsetting for him,’ Dr Bill. 

‘He wanted to replace his teeth to have a healthy mouth again feel confident to play music in front of an audience.

‘Peter was a very nervous patient, and on examination unfortunately we found all his teeth were rotten. 

‘We therefore had to remove all his teeth under sedation, allowing everything to heal and then after three months began the process of making his new teeth.’

Peter had lost a number of his back teeth over five years, while others were coming loose and affecting his speech and ability to chew. After: All Peter’s teeth were rotten so he had them removed and replaced, enabling him to play the saxophone again 


Charlotte’s three front teeth were knocked out when she fell into the bath and her only option was to have implants to replace them.  

‘Losing her teeth, through no fault of her own was so distressing for Charlotte,’ Dr Bill said. 

‘But she now feels happy, confident and never notices that they’re not actually her real teeth.

Charlotte was struggling with her confidence after three of her teeth were knocked out during an accident where she fell in the bath. She now feels confidence and doesn’t notice that the replacements are not her real teeth 


Diane was wearing a denture after losing five of her own teeth and hated the look and feel.  

‘She felt old and the whole experience was incredibly upsetting for her. Going so restaurants became a thing of the past as she and used to get embarrassed when food caught up in them, making her feel terribly self- conscious and unhappy,’ Dr Bill explained. 

‘We changed all of this with some carefully placed implants which are permanent and fit perfectly.’

Diane had to wear dentures after losing five of her top teeth when she was injured in a car accident. Now she no longer has to wear dentures and has rediscovered her confidence 

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