This Device Allows You To Get Internet Anywhere For Cheap

Skyroam is a useful little device that allows you to get internet from pretty much anywhere in the world for a fairly affordable price.

The internet is a pretty important thing. It connects millions if not billions of people to other people either next to them or super far away. However, sometimes people do not get the chance to go ahead and connect themselves to the great internet because they are traveling or away from their WiFi source.

Skyroam can be pricey for the first time set up because you’ll need to purchase both the WiFi system and the subscription. Once you’ve got those two things, there are no more issues with having to wait and rely on the services of another company.

It would cost you $149.99 to actually own the Skyroam Solis, which is the device that you need to actually get a connection.  The device is a one time cost and is pretty cool because it is also wireless, that said, you will also need to make sure that it is charged. It’s packing a 6000 mAh power bank and latest USB-C connection, so it’s going to last you a fair while when disconnected from a wall outlet.

The next part of the cost is where you’re going to really identify the benefits of using Skyroam when compared to just your data. You can pay as you go for $9 per day and that might seem like a lot, but keep in mind you’re getting easy access to unlimited data in almost any country on earth. It must be noted that you can also have up to five people connected at the same time, so that likely means five devices.


The total cost upfront will be expensive unless you were lucky enough to get a special price like they currently have of $99 per month with all the added benefits of the other plan. It would likely cost you around $420 for the first month under the assumption that you were paying $9 a day. However, if you got the $99 plan it would be around $250. So, clearly, it is more expensive, but can be worth it if someone managed to always want their own connection.

It is possible to rent if you are going on a trip and need some WiFi on the go, but that would run you around $9.95 per day.

This might not be the cheapest option, but what’s important is what the company is doing. They’re providing a good service that is giving WiFi to people all around the world for a little cost. If you wanted internet access in another country, you would lose an arm and a leg in costs.


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