Disney Princess To Pop Icon: How Miley Cyrus Amassed $160 Million

Miley Cyrus is one of the most successful artists of her generation and with good reason. She started her career in the entertainment industry at such a young age. So, over the course of over a decade, she has already amassed a whopping $160 million net worth.

Here’s a look at where Cyrus’s income comes from.

Acting engagements

Cyrus reportedly auditioned for Hannah Montana when she was just 11 years old, and she was cast as the lead star of the show.

Back then, Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter was already making $15,000 per episode. Since Hanna Montana had an average of 14 episodes per season, Cyrus made roughly around $210,000 for every season.

Even though her salary seemed huge for non-actors, Cyrus revealed that she was the least paid person on the show.

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While speaking with Elle, the singer said that she just wanted to be on television when she was very young.

“I mean, at one point—they’ll probably kill me for saying it—I was probably the least paid person on my [Hannah Montana] cast because I didn’t know any better. I was just like, I can be on Disney! Yeah, I want to do it! My name was Miley on my show, but I didn’t own my name—we didn’t think about that,” she said.

Still, to say that Cyrus’ stint on Hannah Montana was a huge success is an understatement. After starring in the show, Cyrus brought her beloved character to the silver screen.

She later caught the eye of other producers and was cast in several blockbuster hits like The Last Song and So Undercover.

Cyrus also guest-starred in several other TV shows like Netflix’s Black Mirror and Amazon Studios’ Crisis in Six Scenes. She also recorded the soundtrack for her Black Mirror episode, which means that the singer-actress could’ve earned more.

Years ago, Cyrus was also tapped as a coach in The Voice Seasons 11 and 13. She earned a total of $26 million for the two seasons.

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Hit songs, number 1 albums, sold-out tours

Other than her acting career, Cyrus is better known as one of the most famous singers of her time.

In 2008, she signed her first record deal and released her debut album, “Breakout.” Some of the tracks in the album include “Fly on the Wall” and “7 Things.” Cyrus’s first album became certified platinum, which meant more money for her.

Cyrus also co-writes some of her songs like “Party in the USA” and “The Climb.” This means that she also earns more from these songs compared to the ones that were written for her to sing.

Over the course of her career, she has released a total of six studio albums. She has also sold over 200 million albums and an additional 55 million singles worldwide.

Cyrus recently signed with WME after teaming up with CAA for years. She is working on her seventh studio album, “She Is Miley Cyrus,” which will most likely be another huge hit.

Due to her success, it’s not surprising to know that Cyrus has also headlined sold-out concerts.

In 2014, she embarked on a massive world tour in support of her 2013 album, “Bangerz.” Cyrus reportedly earned $62 million from her 78 sold-out shows across the globe.

Other sources of income

Beyond her acting and singing career, Cyrus has also partnered with brands that she cares about. She has had endorsement deals with Converse, Marc Jacobs, and Walmart.

For the latter, she launched a junior’s clothing line called “Miley Cyrus and Max Aria.”

According to reports, Cyrus also brings home millions from Instagram. She can reportedly charge a company that wants to be promoted on her page as much as $2 million per post.

Cyrus is also good when it comes to investing her money. She currently owns a $5.8 million mansion in Tennessee. She previously bought a $2.5 million property in Malibu but was forced to sell it for $1 million following the tragic wildfires.

Following the incident, Cyrus said that something came out of her and Liam Hemsworth losing their beautiful home.

“What Liam and I went through together changed us. I’m not sure without losing Malibu, we would’ve been ready to take this step or ever even gotten married, who can say? But the timing felt right and I go with my heart,” she told Vanity Fair.

Today, Miley Cyrus is single, and based on her social media posts, she seems genuinely happy at this point in her life.

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