Easy poached egg cooking hack makes cooks them ‘perfectly in just one minute

A mum has shared a time-efficient cooking hack to make poached eggs in a microwave – but the trick has split the internet.

Charlotte Lock, from Bournemouth, noticed the easy recipe on TikTok and decided to try it out herself.

She said she was "amazed" by how simple it is as she posted the recipe video on her account @thebournemouthmum.

Viewed more than 1.4 million times, Charlotte first pours boiled water in a mug and adds a few drops of vinegar in before cracking an egg and dropping it inside.

She then places the mug into a microwave and heats it up for one minute.

While waiting, the mum-of-three toasts two pieces of bread and places them on a plate.

The last step is to take the mug out of the microwave and scoop the egg out. When cut open, the runny egg yolk is seen oozing out just like a perfect poached egg does.

Fans have tried the cooking hack but not all of them were impressed with the results.

One wrote: "I used to do this all the time, it definitely works!"

"Tried it after seeing this video, nice trick and no vinegar taste," a second said.

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But others said they preferred to cook it on a hob.

A keen learner said: "I tried it and the water exploded all over the microwave."

A second added: "Sometimes the easiest way isn't the best. Microwaves are a fast way to destroy nutrients in food."

"Why not make a whirlpool in the boiling water you have and crack the egg in there?" a third suggested. "Still an easier way for beginners."

If you don't have vinegar in your kitchen, Jamie Oliver has offered as an alternative recipe to make poached eggs.

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