Elderly woman celebrates 93rd birthday by getting ‘arrested’

For her 93rd birthday, a Maine woman got “arrested” — and got a kick out of it.

Anne Dumont good-humoredly arranged with the Augusta Police Department to “gently arrest” her mother, Simone, who loves watching the TV show, “Cops,” WBTV reported.

“She goes on about how the police have the worse job and what they have to deal with, and she wondered what it was like to be arrested and sit in the back seat,” Dumont posted to Facebook.

Dumont’s mother told her the surprise gift on July 7 “made my life.”

“She happily got to see the inside of the police car. Front and back and also pushed the siren button until it whaled. A momentous event,” Simone’s daughter wrote on Facebook.

Simone now refers to the patrol car’s owner, Officer Paul Doody, as “her cop,” WABC reported, and she even got an authentic Augusta police junior officer decal as a present.

The Augusta Police Department wrote on Facebook that it was “very proud to have been invited” to be a part of the birthday celebration.

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