Friends Cast On Filming 'Emotional' Reunion Special, Reveal Where Their Characters Would Be Now

“It’s funny, when we do get together, it’s like no time has passed.”

The “Friends” cast is opening up about filming the highly-anticipated reunion special.

While speaking with PEOPLE for their latest cover story, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer recalled reuniting for the HBO unscripted special 17 years after the show wrapped.

The special was filmed on Stage 24 at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, where the original series — which ran from 1994 to 2004 on NBC — was also shot.

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“I was flooded with 10 years of irreplaceable memories,” Cox, 56, recalled.

“It’s funny, when we do get together, it’s like no time has passed,” added LeBlanc, 53. “We pick up right where we left off.”

Schwimmer, 56, noted that before the reunion, the last time all six of them had been together was nine years ago — the only time they had been “in the same room” since the show ended in 2004.

As Aniston, 52, pointed out, when she and the cast first reunited on the stage, they all wondered, “Oh God, how are we going to get through this alive, without just crying our faces off?”

“It was kind of melancholy, I guess. Right?” LeBlanc asked, to which Kudrow, 57, replied in agreement, “Yeah, emotional.”

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In addition to the cast taking a look back at their time on the show, the unscripted reunion special — which premieres on May 27 — will also feature the cast doing a table read of a portion of the hilarious episode, “The One with The Jellyfish,” as well as a “re-imagining” of the trivia game that Monica (Cox), Rachel (Aniston), Joey (LeBlanc) and Chandler (Perry) played in Season 4.

HBO Max previously announced the special will also include a wide variety of celebrity guests, including BTS, David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Kit Harington, Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon, Malala Yousafzai and more.

Meanwhile, also during their interview with PEOPLE, the cast shared where they think their characters would be up to now.

“I always just feel like Monica would be doing something competitively with other mothers and trying to outdo them,” Cox said of her character. “Whether it’s the bake sale at school or something. I mean, she’d be so annoying. She’d be at the head of the PTA or something.”

As for Monica’s husband, Chandler Bing, Perry, 51, said he “would be a wonderful father” and a “wonderful comedy writer.”

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Aniston shared that she would like to see Rachel starting her own clothing line. “It’s sort of a small franchise,” she said. “Like a Nili Lotan. And I live in New York City on the Upper East Side.”

Kudrow said Phoebe is “living in Connecticut” with her husband Mike (Paul Rudd) and their children. “She’s in charge of the arts program for the school,” she explained. “And just … the advocate for her kids because they’re different like she was.”

When LeBlanc said Joey “would have opened a chain of sandwich shops,” Perry quipped that Joey would have “eaten all the sandwiches.”

Schwimmer said that Ross, who is a paleontologist, would “playing’ with the bones,” but “would’ve invested in Joey’s sandwich shop and lost a lot of his savings for his kids.”

“Dinosaur-themed sandwich shop,” LeBlanc joked. “Bronto-burger.”

The cast also revealed what they stole from the original set. See what they said they took in the clip, above.

“Friends: The Reunion” airs May 27 on HBO Max.

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