Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood Rave Over Working Together For Charity: ‘It’s A Beautiful Thing’

We caught up with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood to learn all about their amazing work with Habitat For Humanity — and what they said about working together on the project will totally melt your heart!

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood spent the end of August in Mishawaka, Indiana on the site of a Habitat for Humanity Build, where they worked with President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act. The country superstars have been working with the organization for ten years now, and raved to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about being able to work together to give back to those who can’t afford housing.

“Once you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, everything else is better as a couple,” Garth admitted. “That’s anything and everything. Food tastes better, laughter is deeper. As far as Habitat, it’s just an amazing thing to see — you see it in your companion’s face. I can see it in my wife’s face. Every day that we leave the build site, she’s more satisfied than the homeowner. It’s a great thing. Everyone thinks that you come here to do good things for other people, but the truth is, you take away more from it than anybody. So it’s sweet to see your companion lay down at night and immediately fall asleep because she worked hard all day and she brought joy to others. That is a beautiful thing.”

Trisha added, “Garth is kind of known on the worksite as the guy who will kind of do whatever job no one else wants to do. He’s the guy who is just the ‘whatever it takes’ guy. I think a lot of people expect us to come out and not work, but we really do enjoy it. We like working together and I think we work pretty well together. We know when to work together hard, and we know kind of when to walk away. We’ve got it down!”

Garth and Trisha began working with Habitat For Humanity after Hurricane Katrina in 2007. They’ve since worked on build sites with President and Mrs. Carter in cities like Denver, Memphis, Oakland, San Jose, and plenty more. Here’s what else they had to say about their work with the organization:

Are you actually out there getting your hands dirty on the build site? (TRISHA) We’re getting our hands dirty, we’re getting Band-Aids and blistered and sunburn! We have, from day one. From the very first project we were on in New Orleans after Katrina, and after I got a hammer in my hands and built a wall, I was like…I love this, I love to do this. We really do love that part. We love the building process. Habitat’s great about having really talented and educated leaders on each house that are great teachers. If you don’t know how to do a skill, they will take the time to show you. Everyone is welcome to do what they feel comfortable doing. So we love to get there and work.

Why is working with Habitat for Humanity so important to you? (GARTH) I think the Carters and Habitat focus on one thing, and that is love. They do it through a very strategic and affordable way to have a roof over your head — a basic need, a basic right we all deserve as human beings. These guys, instead of just complaining about why everyone doesn’t have a roof over their head…they actually found a way to get it done.

(TRISHA) We see the difference it makes in the lives of the homeowners, their children and the whole community. We’re building about 24 houses this week, and these homeowners are getting to know each other and building alongside one another. They’re building a community and that changes their whole lives. They become more stable, so their jobs become more stable and their community becomes more stable. It’s a domino effect of goodness and we’re just honored to be part of it.

Why should others get involved? (GARTH) The main thing is just spreading the word. Everything is a ripple. I can guarantee you — no matter how you volunteer, no matter how many hours, no matter how sore you are, the feeling you’re going to get from this is like no other. It’s going to be the greatest expereince of your life.

(TRISHA) Habitat is that place where you do get to make a difference and you get to see it every single day. It’s inspiring, it’s positive. We need that positive reinforcement every day. And that’s one thing Habitat gives you. You’re absolutely  helping someone move into their home, but like Garth said, they’re giving you back so much more and it just inspires you. My suggestion is..if you’ve never done a Habitat build, do one, and then you’ll be hooked and go every year like we did!

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