George Clooney Rejects A $35 Million Offer For An Advertisement

Academy Award winner, George Clooney, said that he was offered $35 million for one day’s work to do an ad for an airline, but after he talked to his wife, Amal, they decided that it was not worth it. Amal, a human rights lawyer, married Clooney in 2014 and what Amal thinks significantly affects Clooney’s decision. The airline associated with the $35 million deal was incorporated into a country that sometimes maybe an ally. Still, it is questionable at best, and Clooney thought that if it takes a minute’s sleep away from him, the deal is not worth it. However, he thinks that the deal not taken would not hurt his financials since he’s already had enough and does not regret his decision one bit.

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A post shared by George Clooney + Amal Clooney (@_george.clooney.fanpage_)

A post shared by George Clooney + Amal Clooney (@_george.clooney.fanpage_)

The movie The Tender Bar is based on the memoir which J.R. Moehringer wrote. Clooney’s latest movie taking the role of a director will star Ben Affleck as a kind-hearted uncle who then became a father figure to a child. The setting of the movie is a 1970s family drama set. The movie will be released on December 17, and Amazon released the movie to have bona fide family holiday offerings to their audience. Clooney believes that recently, it seems like most of the movies released in the last five years tackle hate, anger, and conflicts. This time around, they want to offer a gentle film for the public.

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