Groom accused of being 'disrespectful' for not wearing a suit

Groom is branded ‘disrespectful’ for wearing a graphic t-shirt and SHORTS to his wedding while his wife dazzles in an embellished princess gown

  • People from around the world have commented on a viral wedding photograph
  • Image posted on Reddit, shows anonymous groom wearing a t-shirt and shorts 
  • Responses accuse the groom of being ‘disrespectful’ with his outfit choice 

Brides who opt for a traditional wedding gown usually expect their groom to wear a suit to compliment the look, however a photo of a groom who broke the tradition has gone viral. 

A Reddit user took to the Wedding Shaming forum to share a snap of the bride and groom cutting their cake in the low-key ceremony, with the tongue-in-cheek caption: ‘The groom’s idea of dressing for the occasion’. 

The bride looked radiant in a strapless ivory gown with a large ruffled skirt and embellished detailing, while her husband was dressed down in a black graphic t-shirt and beige cargo shorts. 

The couple were also cutting their cake with what appeared to be a ceremonial sword. 


People from around the world have taken to Reddit to give their opinion on a viral photograph of a groom wearing a t-shirt and shorts on his wedding day (pictured)

Reddit users were outraged at the groom’s ‘disrespectful’ decision to dress so casually on his wedding day. However some others defended him with the suggestion that he may have changed into a casual outfit at the reception after wearing something more formal for the marital ceremony.   

One person commented: ‘Why do these women marry these half a** men? They don’t respect you enough to put decent clothes on and you are still marrying them?

‘These women are in full on gowns and these jerks can’t even find a pair of long pants? Or a collared shirt and tie? What, someone is going to frame this and show it off? Hold on, is that Pikachu on top of that cake? Is that a D*** PIKACHU WEDDING CAKE?’ 

Another said: ‘It seems like he doesn’t really want to get married and just went along with it out of laziness. Also his outfit is very disrespectful to his bride. I don’t think that marriage is going to last’ 

A third added: ‘Five dollars says that she proposed to him and then only went along with setting the date after the promise that he can wear whatever he wants and he doesn’t have to do a single thing, just show up on the day. 

A flood of responses to the photograph have accused the groom of being ‘disrespectful’ towards his bride with his choice of outfit 

‘People you can do better. If your partner isn’t as enthused to marry you as you are to marry them just don’t. Being single is better than being with a person who will only do the absolute bare minimum.’ 

Others defended the groom, with one writing: ‘I kinda wanna give this guy the benefit of the doubt. I’ve been to plenty of weddings where the bride and groom dress nicely for the reception and professional pictures but once the reception starts change into something comfy. 

‘The last one the groom stayed in his suit and his bride changed into a unicorn onesie and Sponge Bob slippers. This is what I’m hoping is the case otherwise that poor girl…’  

‘I’m convinced this dude just went to pick his date up and was welcomed with a surprise wedding and just went along with it,’ another joked.

A third said: ‘Judging by the Pickachu cookie and his comic book t-shirt, I’m going to guess that they were having some kind of anime/comic themed wedding?

‘To give him the benefit of the doubt, he might have changed after the ceremony. Some guys are not AT ALL comfortable in formalwear and it might have been a compromise that he got to change at the reception. 

‘But, again the bridal shop worker in me kind of makes the same assumption that I make when I see most of these photos of a groom dressed for a camping trip and the bride completely dressed to the nines. That he got browbeat into getting married and only reluctantly agreed after she said it was going to be a ‘casual’ wedding and he can wear what he wants. Anything to get that ring.’ 

Some Reddit users have suggested the groom might have put on a casual outfit for the reception after wearing traditional attire at the formal ceremony 

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