Hilarious reactions to Teesside earthquake as locals say ‘we will rebuild’

Northerners showed off their renowned sense of humour this morning as they reacted to a 3.0 magnitude earthquake that struck the north-east.

Police and firefighters received calls about an 'explosion' in Stockton-on-Tees at around 6am today after locals heard a 'bang', with some fearing an asteroid had hit the area.

The British Geological Survey said the tremor had a magnitude of 3.0.

One Twitter user jested: "@GMB earthquake stockton on tees, hubby sat on toilet when whole house shook, hilarious, also little bit scary"

Another tweet said: "I wonder how many lads in Stockton are going to claim bed-rocking-responsibility for the 6am earthquake?"

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A reader told Mirror Online that her husband slept through the tremor, although she found that their budgie was 'very alert' and 'didn't eat his breakfast'.

One person tweeted: "Lmaoooo I sh*t myself thinking it was a ghost."

Another user uploaded a picture of a flipped table and chair.

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Others shared photographs of plant pots and mugs that had been tipped over.

They captioned the tweet: "Earthquake in Boro (Middlesbrough). Scenes in one person's home. We will rebuild."

@Leddie_MC joked: "I screamed at Ian thinking he was cracking one out in bed, like proper going for it but when I woke up properly I saw everything was shaking. Full towns on the mountains were destroyed, it was horrible."

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Another tweeted: "Had a very scary morning, went to bed with a sock on my bed. When I woke it was on the floor!!!!!"

Mark Whitehead said: "At 6 this morning the kids are normally bounding around the house like a dog on drugs. So would't have felt it."

Meadow Wright added: "I may have only got a 5 at GCSE geography but surely we can’t get earthquakes in Teesside."

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Numerous people have taken to Twitter this morning, with one person writing: "A huge bang just shook my house, next door felt it too. Has anything happened in the Stockton on tees area?"

Police Constable Chris Green tweeted: "Up at 0545, in the bathroom at 0555 when I turned my electric toothbrush on and felt the house shake & heard the dogs kick off! 

"Turns out it wasn't a surge from the toothbrush, but a 2.8 magnitude earthquake."

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Gillian Foster, watch manager at Cleveland Fire Brigade, told Mirror Online: "We turned out to a report of a potential explosion at a bungalow.

"Neighbours were out and felt same thing – some kind of explosion."

The watch manager said it was a 'good intent' report from a member of the public, although there was no explosion.

Firefighters found no signs of damage and no one was injured at the Wolviston Court property they were called to in Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees.

Another person described it as like a "train went past my window".

The quake is understood to have happened at 5.57am.

In 2011, Teesside homes were rattled by a tremor measured at 3.6.

The British Geological Survey said around 30 tremors are felt in the UK every year, although a few hundred smaller ones also take place.

The largest in Britain's history measured 6.1 on the Richter scale and struck around 60 miles off the east coast of England in 1931.

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