Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Tuesday, June 14

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Time is of the essence. An opportunity that you could take up today may not be here tomorrow. The sooner you make up your mind on what you want to do, the better your future prospects will be. Is it time to take a leap of faith?


You appreciate the benefits of working to a set routine but you also need a break every now and then. As much as you enjoy your work, you could do with getting away from familiar places and faces. A change can be just as good as a rest.


You want to make the most of opportunities that are starting to open up for you but there is still so much to do. The best way to succeed is to tie up all loose-ends of the past. Some people are jumping in at the deep end but that does not mean you have to follow them. A more cautious approach is advised.


Your boss is relying on you to complete an important assignment. You might wish you had never taken on this commitment but now you have, you need to give it all your attention and get it out of the way. Future travel plans could be work-related.


You will have success with a personal ambition if you’re willing to take a few risks. There will be objections from an older relative who doesn’t understand why you want to pursue a certain course of action. Don’t let other more cautious people stand in your way.


A relative or close friend is relying on you too heavily to help them out financially whenever they run out of money. You want to make it a priority now to pay off all your debts and you can’t do this if you keep giving away your money.


Don’t be surprised when your thoughts constantly return to travel plans you are hoping to make. You shouldn’t worry either if your bank balance rules out anything too luxurious, exotic or adventurous. You are most likely to get the greatest pleasure from a bargain offer.


It could take a while for a meeting or seminar to begin due to someone else being late or confused about the role they are being expected to take. So if you are slightly late for some arrangements don’t worry. This isn’t likely to delay proceedings.


You are assertive because you feel strongly about your responsibilities and there are commitments you have taken on that you intend to fulfil to the best of your ability. You are determined to do your best, whatever your goals. Worthwhile achievements will be made.


You are in for a surprise or two and you aren’t a one who especially likes surprises. Despite your initial apprehension about changes that are being made to your usual routine, you could discover that some changes can be exciting and rewarding. Any confusion about a personal matter will soon evaporate.


Everyone is different. There are friends whose talents you respect and admire but you just can’t feel enthusiastic about their plans. Even though they want to involve you, you can’t pretend to be keen when you aren’t. There are so many things you would much rather do.


You can’t always defer to others every time you have to make an important choice or decision. Someone wants to see you acting more decisively. Even if you have to take a deep breath and hope you are doing the right thing, have more faith in yourself.

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