How to clean the oven

Being at home 24/7 means the whole household will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen every day. More cooking means more mess and a quick wipe down of the surfaces isn’t enough. It’s easy to make your kitchen sparkle with a bit of elbow grease and a powerful cleaning agent, but what about the oven? Cleaning the oven is a big job, and no one wants to take it on. With the nation still in lockdown, there is no way you can hire a professional oven cleaner at the moment. So how do you clean the oven yourself? takes you through the process step by step.


How often should I clean the oven?

If you clean your oven regularly, the job will take you less time.

Wipe it down once a month, and be sure to clean up any big messes as soon as your oven has cooled down.

Oven cleaners cost at least £30 a go, so if you can master this skill while in lockdown, you will save yourself a few quid in the future!

Read on to find out how to clean your oven yourself.

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What products do you need to clean an oven?

When purchasing products to clean your oven, you have two options.

If you don’t mind working with strong chemicals, you can buy a commercial oven cleaning product like Oven Pride.

Oven grease is stubborn and tricky to remove, so chemicals like ethylene glycol, methylene chloride, sodium and potassium hydroxide, and petroleum distillates will do the job.

If you take this route, make sure you follow the instructions.

Oven cleaners are corrosive and can damage your skin and eyes.

The instructions will normally tell you to wear protective gloves and eyewear and to ventilate the room.

If this sounds a little scary, you can use the humble baking soda, white wine vinegar and lemon juice method.

Mix them together in equal parts until the liquid makes a paste.

Layer it onto stubborn areas in the oven and let it sit for a few hours before you attempt to scrub away the grime.

You will also need sturdy tools, so make sure you’ve got scrubbing brushes or scouring sponges handy.

An old toothbrush is perfect for reaching the little crevices you would miss with a bigger tool.

How to clean the oven
Step one

Turn off the oven at the mains, and lay newspapers or bin bags on the floor to catch the dirt.

Step two

Before applying any product to the oven, you should brush away as much food as you can.

To do this, you can use your dry brush.

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Step three

Spray your oven with whatever product you are using- natural or store-bought.

Ensure every area of the oven is covered- side to side, corner to corner, top to bottom- except the fan or gas supply elements.

If you are working with a gas oven, avoid spraying the pilot light.

Follow the instructions, leaving the product on for however long is required.

If you are using the less powerful natural method, leave it on for at least four hours.

Some people let the mix set in overnight, depending on how dirty the oven is.

Step four

Once you’ve waited long enough, it’s time to scrub away the product and dirt.

Pick up your brush or scourer and sweep away the initial product and food remains.

You should wear rubber gloves for this part in order to make sure the product does not touch your skin.

How to clean oven racks

Don’t forget the racks!

This is a little easier than cleaning the inside of the oven.

All you need to do is take them out and soak them.

Fill up your sink with warm soapy water, and pop the racks in one by one.

Use natural products to protect your skin.

Alternatively, you could purchase an oven rack soaking kit.

The products included are much stronger, and you will need to wear protecting gloves again.

The quickest way to get this job is washing the racks in the dishwasher.

If you’ve got a dishwasher big enough, this is easily done.

How to clean the oven door

The oven door is what most people will judge your oven cleanliness on, so it’s crucial not to miss this step.

No one wants a streaky, scratched up oven door.

Grab a sponge or microfiber cloth and remove as much food as you can from the door.

Do not use a scourer made from wire wool for this, as this will scratch the glass.

Most oven cleaners aren’t safe to use on the door, so you are better off making your own product.

Make a paste, of a similar consistency to shaving cream, with bicarbonate of soda and water.

Let it sit for around 20 minutes, and wipe it away with your sponge or cloth.

You can repeat this as many times as needed if you aren’t happy with the result.

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