How to make your own stylish Christmas wreath, an expert’s guide — EXCLUSIVE

Christmas is just around the corner so hopefully you’re all ready for the intense family time, the chronic hangover and the obligatory food coma. Your tree is probably already up and dressed, awaiting presents to be put beneath it, but what about your front door? Does it look as festive and inviting as the inside of your house? Does it have a wreath?

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This year many celebrities have had the entry to their homes adorned with fantastic festive wreaths. Billie Faiers has gone with a more traditional one with complete with a red bows, while Mrs Hinch has a fabulous pink creation complete with lots of baubles for her bright blue front door. But if your feeling artistic this weekend why not make your own?

We consulted florist Kate Jones, who teaches wreath-making workshops at artisan markets, on how to create your very own Christmas wreath and she suggested using willow for a more modern twist. You can either forage it or buy it from your local florist.

She told us: “Over the years as a florist I have explored quite a few different ways of making wreaths. From the traditional fresh full circle wreaths using a gold frame, moss and pine typically to hang on your front door and more recently making gold hoop or willow wreaths, dried or fresh that hang with ribbon or string that can be kept outside or inside your home.”

It is a very bendy branch so Kate says it can be “shaped and manipulated to make your desired hoop size, once secured with wire, this natural base can then be worked on to attach what you wish to.”

“The willow wreath is a fairly simple process and what is lovely about using willow as a base is that you can decorate and create coverage at the bottom or one sided leaving the natural willow on show and then a coloured ribbon tied at the top!

“Willow wreaths can last for years and years if using dry materials but if you prefer traditional and fresh then this can also be attached along the bottom with pine or foliage and then decorated with fruits and berries – these are also known to last.”

So how do you actually make a wreath? Well you'll need binding reel wire, wire scissors, foliage and dried flowers, and you can also add wild berries, ornaments, pinecones or anything else you might like to include in your design. Here is Kate's step-by-step guide:

How to make a willow wreath

1. Gently work the willow branch in a circular motion, you can use two branches if you would like a fuller look. Warm the branches with your hands if you need to help manipulating it.

2. Tie it in several places with reel wire which is thick enough to hold it in place.

3. Make little bunches of foliage and dry flowers tied together with wire to attach to the wreath.

4. Add your chosen pieces starting from the bottom and see what shapes you create, a big piece of foliage such as eucalyptus or grass is a good way to start layering and attaching your pieces on to.

5. Final touches can be attached on top with superglue ,such as pine cones or ornaments.

6. Once complete, add your ribbon at the top and make a secure bow or knot for it to hang.

And you're good to go! Kate also advised that people should "not be afraid to shape it asymmetrically, and be creative with placement and colour." This is because many of her customers use wreaths as an artistic way to decorate their house all year round.

Alike to puppies, it seems a wreath is for life, not just for Christmas…

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