‘I clean people’s poo-covered toilets for free – nothing is too disgusting’

The "best cleaner in the world" loves helping people so much that she has been transforming the dirtiest homes she has seen for free – and even human poo doesn't faze her.

Auri Kananen, who lives in Tampere, Finland, is non-judgemental when it comes to grime and says there are many reasons someone might get overwhelmed.

The 27-year-old pro-cleaner, who has risen to the ranks of manager at a cleaning company, makes videos of cleaning hacks on her TikTok and her Instagram page and has attracted more than 1.5 million followers.

In one clip, a kitchen encrusted with dirt gets her magic treatment and is left sparkling, even though she has to use a blade to physically scrape away what looks like months of filth.

Auri then works on the bathroom, with the water running brown in the sink as the dirt is finally rinsed away.

The makeover is fabulous and Auri did it completely free of charge – having offered her TikTok followers a no-fee clean if they had a really dirty home.

It was "liked" more than 1.5 million times on the video-sharing app and people praised her hard work.

For Auri, the "dirty" home was not a challenge and she told Daily Star Online she even once willingly cleaned human poo from a toilet seat.

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She said: "I don’t think anything is too disgusting. Once someone had spread their faeces all over the toilet."

"But I think that’s only sad that someone does things like that."

Her love for cleaning started way back when she was 14. Auri explained that she worked at a shopping centre and was desperate to clean the "really dirty stuff", but was left saddened when her trainers wouldn't let her.

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"I was too young, they said.

"Once someone had spread their faeces all over the toilet."

"But I think that’s only sad that someone does things like that," she added.

Explaining what she loves about the rewarding job, Auri says: "I love cleaning because, modestly, I’m the best cleaner in the world!

"Everybody likes doing what they are good at, right?"

Auri admits that cleaning is "frustrating if you are not good at it" but, because she finds it a breeze, she says it's "cool" and fulfilling work.

She also revealed why she charges nothing to clean homes. "I can see that the owner is struggling and I can help them easily with my talent," she said.

"If I can help people even a little it gets me in a good mood and I’m always on a good mood. I always say that rich people are those who can give others physical or psychical capital."

Auri believes there are a whole host of reasons why people let their homes get as dirty as seen in her videos.

"Many of them have mental health problems and other illnesses," the cleaning fan said.

"But of course everybody has their own reasons.

"Somebody can be 'just lazy' but for me, that’s alright too. I don't judge."

If you are feeling overwhelmed by a messy home, Auri's number one cleaning hack is to simply "ask for help".

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