I struggle to help my wife climax when we have sex and it is starting to get to me

DEAR DEIDRE: I STRUGGLE to help my wife climax when we have sex.

We got married last year and I love her.

I’m 32, she is 30 and has a high sex drive. I need to boost my energy and give her more attention but I struggle with communication.

She hasn’t complained about our sex life and is very patient but I think she will say something soon.

It is starting to get to me. What can I do to improve our communication? I’m a very quiet person.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Keep it simple and focus on listening. Good sex depends on communicating but so does a good relationship.

Ask her to tell you what would improve sex for her. I doubt it’s anything wild.

More kissing, cuddling and sensitive touching appeals to most women.

If she is comparatively inexperienced sexually, my e-leaflet Orgasm For Women will help you both.

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