I'm having sex with my uncle's girlfriend who's on the verge of leaving him

DEAR DEIDRE: I AM having sex with my uncle’s girlfriend. The experience is fantastic but I worry I am getting in over my head.

He is my dad’s brother. A couple of years ago, my aunt divorced him for cheating when she found out about this girlfriend.

He is 53 but his partner is only 37. It was his daughter’s 21st birthday and engagement party — a big family do in a hotel.

We were all staying over, which was a bit weird because my aunt was there, too.

Everyone was getting drunk and requesting their favourite songs from the DJ.

My uncle and aunt were getting sentimental together when his girlfriend ran up and grabbed my hand to join her for a dance.

She looked amazing. I normally see her in uniform, as she’s a beauty therapist in the spa where I work doing maintenance. I’m 22 and single.

I wanted to hold her near me but I could feel family members’ eyes on us so I backed away after the dance and went outside for a cigarette. She followed me and I told her she looked lovely.

She said nobody had paid her a compliment in a long time, that my uncle wasn’t so loving now they lived together and seemed to blame her for his divorce.

I thought she looked sad, so asked her whether she wanted to go to my room for a private drink.

She said OK and I kissed her when we got there.

Then I slid her dress down and saw she had piercings in her belly button and one of her breasts.

I’d always thought of her as older but when I saw the piercings and the little heart tattoo on the inside of her thigh, I looked at her in a different way.

She has an amazing body and the sex was the best ever.

We spent almost an hour together and then she said she’d better get back to the party.

We’ve been seeing each other regularly for sex, sometimes at work. She says she is on the verge of leaving my uncle, who doesn’t appreciate her. I love her but I think I’m out of my depth.


AROUND one in 12 of us is into cross-dressing.

Fear prevents many from revealing their tastes and in a relationship it can cause problems.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You are. There is little chance of a future together no matter how good the sex is.

If you were found out, the fall-out would be devastating. You could also be risking your jobs.

The longer this continues the more attached you will become.

Ask yourself what is in this for you long term.

Are you happy being her guilty secret or would you prefer to have a girlfriend you can openly go out with and introduce to your friends?

Show some maturity. End it now before you get rumbled.

Explain that she cannot resolve her relationship one way or the other while she is being distracted by you.

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