Inside Lena Waithe’s Choice To Only Let Women Of Color Direct ‘Boomerang’ Season 2

Lena Waithe surprised fans when she announced that she’d be producing a television adaptation of Boomerang, the 1992 Eddie Murphy workplace rom-com. But the show has proven to be a hit amongst fans, particularly for its fresh look at contemporary office dynamics. But will Boomerang return for Season 3? The show’s fate is still uncertain.

BET hasn’t officially announced anything regarding the show, nor have Waithe or the series’ stars Tequan Richmond or Tetona Jackson. The reboot focuses on the children of the original film’s main characters. Richmond plays Bryson Broyer, the son of Jacqueline (Robin Givens in the film). And Jackson stars as Simone Graham, the daughter of Marcus and Angela (Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry, respectively).

The show’s managed to stand on its own without feeling beholden to the original film. In the series, Simone and Bryson have been friends since childhood, but in light of the fact that they begin working together, the two are forced to reexamine their own relationship.

Though Waithe hasn’t announced any plans for a third season, Boomerang‘s second season was a triumph for her, featuring a full slate of women of color directing each episode. “I want to continue to really introduce people to this industry who ordinarily wouldn’t have access to it, Waithe told Deadline. "Teaching them the craft so they can stay in the industry and really make changes. That’s my legacy.” She also continued to discuss how proud she is of the show. “We’ve truly made this season of Boom an ensemble show, delivering dynamic character arcs that ask a lot of our cast — and it’s all been worth it — the performances, this season, are truly magical…as is the show."

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