Inside X Factor star Janice Robinsons life now – from family tragedy to new career as a teacher

Janice Robinson was an instant hit when she appeared on the X factor in 2018.

The 54 year old singer first found fame as a member of 1990s group Livin' Joy, before embarking on a solo career.

So when she faced the judges on the hit ITV show she knew just what she was doing, and impressed from the off with the revelation that she was the voice and songwriter behind the international dance track Dreamer.

Janice made it to the live shows in the Over 28s category and ended up finishing in 14th place.

Now, the star has caught up exclusively with OK!, discussing her new job as a teacher over in the US, and her music comeback…

Family life

Since the X factor the stars tells us she's been raising her daughters Kura and Amaya.

Janice's daughter Kura lost her sight and is now "legally blind."

The star explained: "I have a Home Health Aid that comes to my home Monday through Friday and she helps with all the things inside my home and my daughter.

"My daughter is doing amazing. She’s adjusted to being legally blind and she’s not in darkness but she has blurry vision.

"She's doing amazing, she has a job, she has a life and she’s got great friends."

Janice described her very close bond with her daughters, and said they like her singing.

"We say I love you before bedtime every night – it’s the sweetest thing ever.

"And yes, they like my singing but they’re just down to earth when I am home, I am just Mommy.

"I raised them really down to earth, but they like my singing and they are really proud of me. Their favourite thing is the gifts I bring them back when I visit countries around the world."

Stepping out of the spotlight

Janice hasn't not turned her back on her music, with the talented artist releasing two singles and working on her new album.

"I was touring in 2018 and 2019 and doing a lot of shows around the world, but like everyone 2020 paused everything so I've just been home like a lot of people," Janice continued.

But as well as her music, the signing sensation has also been writing and filming her first ever documentary.

The mum-of-two took a break from the limelight before X factor, and she admitted it was a "hard decision."

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Janice stepped away from the stage after her parents were diagnosed with kidney failure and congestive heart failure.

In a bid to care for them, the star spent time with her parents and "created an endless amount of memories," in the process.

She shared with us: "If I had not stopped and I kept on working I would not have had the opportunity to create those memories or even make the time to give them a grandchild. It was something that I knew was the right thing to do in my heart of hearts. I am so glad I made that choice to walk away for that season of life."

Career change

As well as focusing on her music, Janice also spends time working at a middle school in Florida where she teaches language arts.

Telling us all about her role, Janice explained: "I’m a 7th grade English teacher at Immokalee middle school in Florida and it’s an interesting journey.

"I think the pandemic made me decide to take on having my own classroom.

"I’m only doing my own classroom this year next year I will go back to a substitute teacher and I kind of like that."

When asked if the kids treat her differently due to her fame, Janice explained that she's "never felt famous."

"I just always said my song is famous but I’m not famous. I have the best of both worlds because I get to live in my authentic private real life.

"In my career, I get to dress up and be Janice Robinson for the weekend but then I com home and I take her off and I am just J-momma the teacher.

"What I tell my students is that dreams, goals and purpose in that order every day. I say reach for your dreams set all your goals, because you’re going to have to continue to have goals every stage of life – monthly goals, weekly

goals, annual goals, yearly goals, are very important to set in place for yourself because it keeps you on task to becoming the best version of yourself."

New music

Janice hopes to "inspire a whole new generation" with her re-released track Dreamer.

The star says she "sounds like a new artist," on the track and described it as "like an ibiza classic with a drop in a different part of the song."

She continued: "I want to inspire the new generation to show them that it does not matter how old you are, what matters is what you have to offer to inspire and uplift and encourage others."

Janice also hopes to release her documentary and a piano album.

The brand new version of ‘Dreamer’ Janice Robinson teaming up with DJ Lodato will be released on 25 February to stream and download.

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