‘I’ve spent £30,000 on outfits for my dogs – and theyre worth every penny

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Leone Galler, 54, from Kent, adored her dogs Romeo and Reggie so much she spends thousands a year on their clothes. She lives with her husband Steve and has two grown-up sons. In her own words she tells her story…

Seeing my two dogs dressed up in their crystal-encrusted jackets and silk bow ties fills me with so much pride. They look gorgeous and everywhere we go, people want to pet them and take photos. The dogs have 50 outfits between them and 70 bow ties. So far, I’ve spent £30,000 but the clothes are so beautiful, they’re worth every penny.

I first came across the clothes a few years ago when Steve and I were watching The World’s Most Expensive Presents. The show featured dog clothes made of silk or satin and embossed with Swarovski crystals.

With our chihuahua Romeo, now four, and chihuahua-bichon cross Reggie, now five, cuddled up with us on the sofa, I turned to Steve and said, “Our dogs would look perfect in those outfits.” Luckily, he likes me to be happy, so he agreed to me buying two bespoke silk jackets from the company Furdrobe, costing £6,500 for the pair. When the jackets arrived in their expensive black satin-lined boxes, I just thought, “Wow!” They were just stunning and so beautifully made.

As soon as the dogs had their outfits on, they strutted around happily, loving being the centre of attention.
From then on, I couldn’t stop buying them clothes and taking snaps for their own Instagram account. I bought bow ties, cravats, jackets and coats. Some of the silk bow ties can cost more than £500.

When Romeo started doing clothes modelling, I got chatting to another doggie “mum”, Cathy in the US, about her whiteMaltipom, Delilah. We came up with the idea that her Delilah could get married to my Romeo!

We planned an elaborate wedding at Brighton bandstand, followed by a reception at the Grand Hotel. Cathy was flying in with Delilah and friends with dogs who would act as bridesmaids, page boys and ushers. We even ordered a three-tier peanut butter and carrot cake.

But then Covid hit, so instead we held a virtual wedding online. It was still a lovely occasion and Romeo looked great in his £7,500 gold jacket, as did Delilah in her £55,000 wedding dress. We’re hoping to hold a proper ceremony next spring, when the bride and groom can finally meet.

Steve and I love to treat the dogs to the occasional steak and they only drink bottled water. They don’t wear their expensive clothes every day but they feel the cold so they often wear jumpers or hoodies for walks and sometimes a satin bow tie, – but not silk, as it would be damaged if it rained.

The dogs are such a joy to have around and they follow me everywhere, even snuggling up to me in bed at night. They mean the world to me and I love to treat them.

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