Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin’s Marriage Happening Sooner Than We Think? He Dropped A Major Hint

Don’t blink – because you just might miss Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s wedding. The Biebs dropped a clue that he and his fiancée may be tying the knot any day now!

A surprise wedding following a surprise engagement? That’s a “No Brainer” for Justin Bieber, 24, it seems. Justin indicated he and Hailey Baldwin, 21, might be getting hitched in the near, near future. While hanging out with Hailey in NYC on July 29, Bieber ran into the paparazzi. After one photog complimented Biebs on his new hit song, “No Brainer,” the paps asked what was next for Justin. “What’s next?” Justin asked, while looking at Hailey, per TMZ. “Getting married.”

While some Beliebers have taken this to mean that Justin will not release any more music until he and Hailey are married, this could also mean that Justin and Hailey’s marriage is just around the corner. Hailey even celebrated this future with Justin on her Instagram stories, sharing a picture of a shirt that Allison Kaye, general manager of SB Projects (and the woman overseeing Justin Bieber’s success) made for her. “The Future Mrs. Bieber,” it read, with Hailey saying “UR funny! [eyeroll emoji]”

The future Mrs. and Mr. Hailey Baldwin spent the past weekend in New York City, and looked just like any other happy couple. The two were spotted at the City Acres Market in Williamsburg on July 26, and were seen ducking into a Whole Foods on July 28 (probably ran out of kombucha at home.) An eyewitness to Justin and Hailey’s grocery run EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.com that the two were “really cute” together, and were absolutely “nice” to their fellow shoppers (who just happened to realize they were shopping alongside Justin and Hailey.)

Though, Justin might have to squeeze out another song before he puts a ring on Hailey’s finger. Justin’s fiancée was completely “turned on” when she first heard the lyrics of his new jam, a source close to Hailey EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.com. He also scored some major points with her by telling Hailey that she inspired some of the lines on this new track. Hailey, upon hearing that she’s “part of Justin’s music,” felt “special” and has put the track on repeat ever since it dropped. Expect it to possibly be played during their wedding reception, in lieu of the “Electric Slide” (who are we kidding? What wedding is complete without “The Electric Slide”?)

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