Kim Kardashian was in tears after watching hologram of late dad

Kim Kardashian has shared her teary reaction to the hologram of her late father that husband Kanye West surprised her with at her controversial 40th birthday party in Tahiti last month.

“Thank you for that. Seriously, thank you,” the sniffling and crying KKW Beauty founder is seen telling her husband in a new video posted to her Instagram on Thursday.

“Thank you for that. Seriously, thank you,” she adds in the phone call to West, who couldn’t be at the party but sent the now infamous hologram recording of Robert Kardashian as a lavish gift. “I can’t wait to see it again.”

Kim’s friends were also seen getting emotional.

“Happy birthday, Kimberly. Look at you. You’re 40 and all grown up,” the resurrected Kardashian hologram said in the sweet birthday message. “You’re beautiful, just like when you were a little girl. I watch over you and your sisters and brother and the kids every day.”

While Kim was touched by the display, critics slammed the couple for showing off the expensive gift amid a pandemic.

Kim’s dad died at age 59 from cancer in 2003.

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