Lady Gaga Is Headlining Campaign For Luxury Champagne Brand

Lady Gaga is admired by fans across the globe, and it comes as no surprise that her loyal fans and followers are highly impressed by her brand new collaboration with the luxury champagne label, Dom Pérignon. The ever-stunning singer has announced the collaboration on her Instagram page in the form of a creative video, and her excitement is immediately visible. People quotes her excitement as she stated; “I always thought Dom Pérignon was a model of what creation is all about. There is no rule, except one: To never stop reaching for the stars.” If reaching for the stars is what she’s seeking, attaching herself to such a highly esteemed brand of champagne is definitely the way to go. The concept for this campaign is creative and completely designed to push the boundaries of artistic exploration. Fans are definitely tuned in to learn more.

The ad campaign for the Lady Gaga, Dom Pérignon collaboration is sharp and captivating. Gaga is seen holding a vintage sparkling rosé in a purple-hued bottle, and the imagery has definitely garnered a whole lot of attention. It’s edgy, it’s classic, and it’s absolutely timeless.

She also went on to impress her followers by teasing the upcoming fashion film that is also associated with this project and will be revealed to the world on April 6th, with the help of Nick Knight.

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The natural execution of Lady Gaga’s messaging makes this new relationship seem more natural than most. She fluidly and seamlessly described her new venture by declaring the respect and admiration she has for the messaging behind the brand. Within her Instagram video she states; “Their tradition is centuries old, but they push their own boundaries and find ways to reinvent themselves completely… And I am thrilled that we will be able to celebrate this together.”

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As PR Newswire reports, April 6th will be the introduction of this creative, innovative marketing mission. It will consist of limited edition bottles along with a sculpture that was actually designed by Lady Gaga herself. Dom Pérignon is known to align with creative artists and when this brand merges with someone as skilled and truly as passionately creative as Lady Gaga is, the potential is absolutely limitless.

They also went on to indicate that there is a mutual form of respect between both parties in this partnership. They declared that this “alliance will empower meaningful support for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.”

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