Libra 2021 horoscope – what’s in store for your star sign this year?

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Last year didn’t go to plan, with the pandemic destroying plans and stunting progression. We’re all desperate for some good news, but the stars could have other plans for some signs. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex (@cosmic_cures on Instagram), to hear her Libra 2021 predictions.

Libra is looking inwards for the first month of the year, choosing to stay indoors rather than socialising (where possible).

Bex said: “Prepare to get cosy, Libra – January sees you seeking balance and harmony in your home life, as your ruling planet Venus moves into Capricorn.

“This is your fourth House governing security and nurture, so hunkering down and retreating from the world will be more than appealing.

“Redecorating and getting creative with interiors in order to fashion a tranquil sanctuary will be the order of the day.”

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In Spring, you’re going to realise that you need to break free of some chains that are holding you back.

Bex said: “The springtime Libra Full Moon brings an opportunity to release limiting beliefs surrounding co-dependency.

“Expect to feel emotionally vulnerable and possibly frustrated, but also use this time to put your needs first and look at where you’re perhaps too diplomatic in life.”

In Mid-August, you’re going to be falling in love and expressing yourself through your hobbies.

Bex explained: “August arrives with a burst of creativity as Venus returns to Libra, the sign of her rulership.

“This ushers in three weeks where you’ll feel particularly artistic, as well as at your most charming and attractive.

“This won’t go unnoticed by others! During this period, you’re likely to be rather idealistic about love – embrace summer romance by all means, but don’t turn a blind eye to bad behaviour just for the sake of keeping the peace!”

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On August 30, Mercury enters Libra, where it will stay for just over two months.

Bex said: “Usually the messenger planet lingers in a sign for two to three weeks, but since it stations retrograde during this period then it’s enjoying an extended stay!

“If you’ve spent the first half of the year contemplating or pondering certain matters, then now’s the time you’ll be able to assert yourself and make up your mind.”

Libras have a tendency to be indecisive, so no more sitting on the fence, Libra!

Bex added: “If you need to have negotiations and dazzle with facts then September is a key time.

“Be warned though – from September 27, Mercury retrograde plunges us into murky water when it comes to communication and tech, so avoid signing contracts or making solid deals until at least October 18!”

In December, Mars moves into Sagittarius and the pace is about to pick up again.

Bex said: “The year culminates with Mars entering Sagittarius, picking up the pace as things get a little busier and possibly even frantic.

“If you need to have serious conversations with siblings or want to take a stand in your local community then present your case in a measured fashion, being careful not to become aggressive.

“You also have a desire for adventure, and rather than slowing down as the year ends, don’t be surprised if a new opportunity makes itself known!”

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