Logan Paul Says Floyd Mayweather Hasn’t ‘Coughed Up’ The Millions That He’s Owed

Jake Paul is flying high after he devastated Tyron Woodley with a knockout last week, but while Jake Paul is guaranteed $2 million for his fight, his brother Logan Paul has been struggling to collect the millions of dollars he says Floyd Mayweather owes him for their blockbuster exhibition match the two competed in over this summer.

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Boxing fans expected Mayweather to triumph over Paul in the fight, and for the most part, he did. Mayweather dominated the match for the entire 8 rounds. Paul impressed viewers with his ability to hold his against a world champion. Many predicted that he would get floored by the legendary boxer.

According to The Atlantic, the fight was a resounding financial success. While there isn’t a precise number available, the outlet confirmed that the event exceed 1 million buys on pay-per-view. Showtime and Fanmio sold access to the match for a hefty $49.99.

While there was no winner declared, both contenders left sounding victorious. Mayweather stopped to tell reporters, “I am going into the Hall of Fame, I have nothing to prove.”

“I was surprised by him tonight. Good work. Good little guy,” Paul said on his way out.

Paul, 26, was only contractually due a $250,000 fee for the fight, but the amateur boxer managed to negotiate a 10% share of the pay-per-view profits. If the event pulled in 1 million viewers, his earnings would work out to roughly $5 million.

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Mayweather reportedly pulled in a $10 million fee for the 24 minutes fight, though the number is likely much high after all is said and done.

But now Paul is claiming that Mayweather still owes him money for the match.

The YouTuber posted a photoshopped image of Mayweather on his Instagram story with the caption, “pay me my money u f——g corny weasel of a human @floydmayweather.”

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It’s unclear what money Paul was referring to, or if he had made some sort of private deal with the boxer.

When a reporter asked Paul if there would be another fight with Mayweather, Paul responded, “Floyd Mayweather/Logan Paul 2. I don’t know, let me get a little better, maybe I can end it next time.”

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Source: Mirror, The Atlantic

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