Mark Burnett Says His Son Is 'the Toughest Person I Know' After Learning to Walk Again Following Brain Tumor Surgery

Mark Burnett is praising his son Cameron as “the toughest person” he knows after he survived brain tumor surgery.

The reality TV producer, 58, shared a screenshot of a message his son shared on social media in which the 21-year-old opened up about the brain tumor doctors found four years ago when he was just 17.

“I had to share this. This kid is mentally and affirmatively the toughest person I know,” Burnett wrote in the caption. “He thanks God and looks at things in a positive light always. Imagine taking your first steps for the second time. Doctors said it wasn’t possible. But he believed himself into those steps.”

Cameron’s message, which comes five months after he was hospitalized, reveals the complications he faced after he underwent hours of surgery to remove the tumor.

“Hello my name is Cameron. When I was 17 I underwent a 10 hour brain surgery operation to remove a tumor from my pituitary gland,” he wrote. “After complications I was locked in, literally. I was unable to walk or talk for weeks.”

“Even though the doctors thought I might never recover I stayed positive and worked hard. And within two months I learned how to walk again. I took my first steps for the second time,” he continued.

In a second post, the Shark Tank producer shared a photo of Cameron, who was photographed with a message written across his forearms that read, “I took my 1st steps for the 2nd time.”

His proud dad wrote in the caption, “I love this. I love him. We both love God.”

After Cameron’s hospitalization in March, Burnett and his wife Roma Downey gave a statement to PEOPLE in which they expressed their thanks to those who prayed for their family.

“Our family is so thankful for all the prayers over the last few days. We are relieved to have Cameron back home with us and we are so incredibly grateful for the amazing care he received at UCLA,” they said in the statement.

Cameron is Burnett’s son from his previous marriage to Dianne J. Burnett, with whom he also shares son James. Burnett and Downey married in 2007 at their Malibu home.

In early April, he shared a photo of Cameron at the hospital with wires hanging from his chest as he lifted his shirt.

“Cameron Burnett. In every challenge you have the toughest mental attitude I’ve ever seen,” the producer wrote in the caption. “Stoic, Thoughtful, Grateful and Affirmative All at once and every day. Seriously son…. you are amazing. The Holy Spirit is always with you. ?❤.”

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