Meet the mind-blowing bakers behind those viral cake videos

These bakers are giving Twitter just desserts.

This weekend, the internet erupted in anguish over videos of extremely realistic-looking objects being sliced open — only to reveal that they’re actually cakes.

The deceptive desserts wowing the masses are largely crafted by not one, but two evil masterminds: Natalie and Dave Sideserf, of Sideserf Cake Studio in Austin, Texas, and Tuba Geçkil, of Red Rose Cake in Turkey.

While social media is in utter dismay at their not-so-sweet sweets, the bakers are enjoying the attention.

“We have [a] Twitter account [and] follow all [the] news,” Geçkil tells The Post, via her assistant on WhatsApp. “People’s reactions [are] giving me more motivation.”

Sideserf agrees. “Whether [people] absolutely love them or they absolutely hate them, I love it,” Natalie tells The Post of the uproar her treats have caused. “If I was making cakes and everyone just loved them, I’d probably find that a little boring.”

Geçkil, 44, says that she’s been creating cakes for 12 years. Her style is completely learned, not taught. “That work was not relevant or common . . . I didn’t take a course from anywhere,” she says.

“When I started this art, I had always aimed to be the best in the world,” she told the Sun in 2017.

Like the Sideserfs, she specializes in hyper-realistic sugar, particularly bust cakes, which are cakes shaped like people. Her portfolio includes edible heads of state like German chancellor Angela Merkel and Donald Trump. “I’m so happy and glad [that] everyone knows my work and my dreams come true,” she says.


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