Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Latest Outing Was Basically a Hallmark Card Brought to Life

When did Meghan Markle’s life become a Taylor Swift song?

Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex stepped out in Bristol on Friday morning, where it just happened to be snowing in that rare and fairytale-esque “just flurries and no cause for storm alert” kind of way.

Markle wore one of her signature long black coats for the occasion with a pair of suede, olive green Sarah Flint boots (; $695) peaking out from beneath the hem. Despite the snow, the mom-to-be’s hair stayed just as luscious and well-coiffed as the minute she emerged from her stylist’s chair.

Harry stood by her side in a gray coat and matching trousers, complementing his new wife’s ensemble with a black sweater.

Like Snow White and her woodland creatures, Meghan gravitated toward the group of small children waiting to greet her and the Prince:

And speaking of woodland creatures, Meghan removed her coat indoors to reveal a long semi-sheer black Oscar de la Renta gown decorated with images of birds, deer, and various plants.

Today was a fairytale.

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