Mums are obsessed with Asda's non-spill bubble bucket for kids

MUMS on Facebook are obsessed with a no-spill bubble blower toy which is sold at Asda.

The mini bubble blowers, which cost just £1, are available both in store and online.

The toys were posted in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group by an eagle-eyed parent.

She said: "This may not be a new thing however I’m impressed. £1 from Asda non spill bubble bucket – for the kids that want to blow the bubbles themselves."

A video accompanying the post showed that the toy could be held completely upside down without any of the soapy liquid falling out.

Perfect for children it means all the fun of blowing bubbles with none of the mess.

The post was liked by over 7,200 people and has thousands of comments – mostly from parents who want the toy for their kids.

Michelle said: "That would save my kids crying when they knock the normal bubbles over."

Laura added: "Now that is a game changer!!"

And Vanessa said she was stocking up straight away. She posted: "Just added them to my Asda shop delivery for this week thank you!"

Asda warns that due to the small parts the toy is not suitable for kids under two years old.

The supermarket also says to be careful that none of the soapy liquid is consumed.

The Asda version was also lots cheaper than any we could see elsewhere online.

SES sell a no spills bucket but the cheapest version we could find was £14.70.

You can pick up Peppa Pig blowers in Tesco for just 50p, but they aren't non-spill.

The Asda versions are made by Kid Collection which is part of Wallmart.

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