Mum’s heartfelt plea to parents after child’s lunch is shamed for being ‘plain’

Children can be incredibly fussy about the food that they eat, that's no secret.

One mum recently revealed she had come under fire for sending her kids to school with foods they like, because other parents thought the lunch boxes were too "plain".

But in a heartfelt post on Facebook she explained the important reason for the lack of variety in the children's lunches – and why strangers shouldn't be so quick to judge her parenting.

The mum-of-three shared a snap of three packed lunch boxes sitting on her kitchen counter, one red, one blue and one green, reports The Sun.

The red and blue boxes contained mainly beige foods – sandwiches, crackers, biscuits and a muffin, while the green was made up of berries and a banana as well as cheese and yoghurt.

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She asked people on social media to look at the photo and work out which lunch was for a child who had not been diagnosed with autism.

The green one was the correct answer.

She continued to say: "Honestly, though, I think this picture proves that even kids with the plainest lunch boxes, with things that aren't really considered healthy, still have families who care about them.

"Just having food they will eat is most important."

Fellow Facebook users were quick to share messages of support for the mum, saying she was doing an "amazing job" given the circumstances.

One person commented: "Of course, some days it may come back hardly eaten but you are packing a great lunch and no one has a place to judge otherwise."

Another replied: "My daughter is ASD. She has the same thing everyday! Nutella sandwich only cut in two rectangles, a vanilla yoghurt, a banana or nectarine, popcorn, salt and vinegar chips and a popper. Whatever works I say."

A third added: "This is hard for me as I have two girls on the spectrum and they have very different eating habits.

"One loves all kinds of fruits and eats no form of bread, whereas the other eats anything bread and only bananas and apples.

"It's amazing when you look at how different all our kids are, even those not on the spectrum."

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