My boyfriend and I are breaking up because our jobs are keeping us apart

DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend and I are breaking up because our jobs are keeping us apart.

We met online and dated for eight months.

I knew what we had could have been great but there was a problem from the start as he lives 100 miles from me.

I’m female and 35 and he’s 37. I thought he was my Mr Right but Covid has made a relationship impossible.

We got through the first three-month lockdown but now we can’t see one another again. We’ve agreed it’s hopeless.

We still talk daily but how can it ever work?

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DEIDRE SAYS: All the restrictions this time around feel worse but this dreadful pandemic will pass.

Meanwhile, try to be flexible.

Can you apply for jobs nearer to him or vice versa or find a place for you to live in the middle?

If you’re meant to be together, you can work something out as long as you both stay positive.

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