My parents always make jokes about my weight – I feel like a disappointment

DEAR DEIDRE: CONSTANT jibes from my parents about my weight are getting me down.

Like many people, I piled on the pounds over lockdown.

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Every time I see them they tell me to diet.

I’m a 37-year-old man, who lives alone. My mum and dad are in their sixties.

Dad thinks he’s being funny when he teases me about my “beer belly”. Sometimes he does it in public.

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Mum is just as bad. She says things like I’ll never meet a woman if I don’t look after myself better, and that I’ll get Type 2 diabetes.

The problem is they’ve put me down my whole life. I feel like such a disappointment and a failure.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You need to explain to them how much their comments hurt.

My support pack, Standing Up For Yourself, will help you do this.

Next time they mention your weight, switch the topic, or simply get up and leave the room.

They’re unlikely to change, but you can alter the way you deal with them.

My support pack on Weight Worries might help.

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