Natalie Portman Reveals Why She "Dreads" Training For Thor: Love and Thunder

Natalie Portman shared why she’s having a trying time training for the new superhero movie Thor: Love and Thunder. Scroll on for the totally relatable reason.

Natalie Portman keeps it real with Jimmy Fallon

On Oct. 20, the actress virtually stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and talked about prepping for her latest film, Thor: Love and Thunder, in Sydney, Australia. The forthcoming film will be based on the popular comic book The Mighty Thor, where fictional character Jane Foster (played by Natalie) becomes Thor. 

Jimmy pointed out that a lot of training and exercise goes into the superhero films, which Natalie confessed she's just not a fan of. 

"I'm trying. I've also had months of like pandemic, you know, eating baked goods and lying in bed and feeling sorry for myself," she revealed. "So I'm like super tired after working out, and during and dreading before."

We feel that, however, the mother of two was being super modest about her quarantine endeavors. While home with her kids and husband Benjamin Millepied, the Black Swan actress also started a vegan cooking show (like many stars) where she cooks with and interviews celebrity chefs, began a book club where she interviews authors and also helped to bring a women's professional soccer team to Los Angeles. 

As she explained, "A group of us became really passionate about women's soccer because we have the best players in the world in the United States in the most popular sport in the world."

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She continued, "So we got together and we are bringing Angel City FC, the women's soccer team for Los Angeles to L.A. in 2022. And we are super excited to just kind of celebrate these incredible athletes. And yes, it's the first female led, female investors I think any professional sport."

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