Neighbour puts savage sign up by house with piles of rubbish and yacht in garden

A home in Somerset has been branded “trashy” by an anonymous neighbour for having piles of black bin bags in the garden outside alongside other unsightly rubbish.

A sign mocked the resident by claiming its an “art installation” for a local festival.

The grumpy neighbour erected the sign by the Victorian property in Crewkerne in an attempt to highlight the mess.

Inside the fenced garden a mountain of rubbish is heaped up – and there’s even a broken down yacht on display.

An angry neighbour installed the sign claiming that the trash is modern art and will be on display at the fictional “Abbey Street Visual Arts Festival.”

They branded the “art” as "utter rubbish”.

The note read: "There is none of the "Is it? Or isn't it?" mystique of a Banksy with the latest work to adorn this site. It is unmistakably the work of one artist.

"To the untrained eye, this current piece appears to be nothing but a pile of black plastic sacks full of rubbish.

"But it perfectly captures the essence of the artist: trashy, unwanted and unwelcome, deliberately mindlessly provocative, and distinctly aesthetically challenging.

"It is perhaps unique in the art world for exhibiting not a scintilla of humanity; something else it appears to have in common with its shadowy creator who had been known to shun the limelight."

It continued: "Indeed, he has previously received patronage from the Royal Family, which he used to support himself away from mainstream society – at Her Majesty's pleasure.

"Utter Rubbish is the latest part of the decade-long Nasty Bully series which has included Rusting Van, Knotweed Invasion and the seminal Dereliction of Duty.

"Controversially, the last work continues to be supported by local authorities."

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